To Forgive or Not Forgive

Sunday 17th September 2023

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‘To Forgive or Not Forgive’  Matthew 18:21-35.

It would appear that Peter’s question to Jesus concerning how many times he should forgive a brother or sister in Christ, followed on from last week’s message. Peter, no doubt thought that up to seven times was a more than adequate response. Jesus’ answer of no limit, would have no doubt shocked Peter, but we should realise that we don’t deserve God’s forgiveness and need to rely totally on God’s grace for it to be given to us.

In Jesus’ parable, there are two men, who had debts, one massive and the other minimal in comparison. In the first case the man with the huge debt pleaded for time to repay the whole of the debt. Because of the man’s repentant attitude, the debt was cancelled and he and his family were freed from being sold into slavery. The second man was a fellow servant of the first. He owed the first man a relatively small amount in comparison. He ignored the pleas of the second man and had him thrown into prison until he could repay the debt. Because of the unforgiveness of the first man towards the second, the forgiveness previously given was withdrawn and he was handed over to the jailers to be tortured in prison, until he could repay the debt. 

The lesson for us is that God wants to forgive, but He requires us to repent from our sins. Without the shedding of blood there could be no forgiveness. Jesus’ death on the Cross and His resurrection are the basis on which God forgives all sins, past, present and future. God’s forgiveness of us has a condition in that He demands that we forgive others. Forgiveness cannot be earned and we can lose it. The key to forgiving others is remembering how much God has forgiven us.  Keith. 

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