Loving and Caring Church Discipline

Sunday 10th September 2023

You are welcome to worship in person this Sunday at 10.15am.  Hand sanitizer and masks are available if you would like to use them.

We are also live streaming of our services.  The service can be seen each Sunday morning commencing at 10.15am.  Here is the link to our YouTube channel to access the live streaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEm1fJeADpcP6gO1BsBKcg 

Matthew 18:15-20 & Romans 13:8-10, Loving and Caring Church Discipline

Today’s gospel reading comes after the parable of the wandering sheep. As soon as Jesus points out the importance of ‘a little one’ with love and care he illustrates a pastoral care issue into a faith community. The aim of teaching is ‘regaining, restoration, reconciliation, and discipline’ with love and care to build up a community of faith.

This text gives us a whole scheme of action for the mending of broken relationships within our “family of God” called the Christian fellowship. The first rule Jesus gives us is that if anyone has wronged us, we should immediately put our complaint into words. Second, we are advised to see the person in person. Jesus says “… go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone” (vs. 15). The third step is to take some wise Christians with you (vs. 16). The fourth step is, even if a reconciliation process seems to fail, we have to keep our loving and caring attitude for those opposite sides (vs 17b).

If we would follow these clear commands, we would have great blessings: the blessing of heavenly power (vs 18); the blessing of answered prayer (vs 19); the blessing of Christ’s presence (vs 20). This is a challenge and also an encouragement for us (Romans 13:8-9).  IL-WOONG.

Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.