The Unfairness of God

Sunday 24th September 2023\

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Matthew 20:1-16, The Unfairness of God

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus begins the parable by saying: “the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard.” What does Jesus teach us about the kingdom of heaven? Three things about how God looks at us, compared to how we look at each other.

First, in the kingdom of heaven there is room enough for everyone. Each time the landowner went downtown, or wherever he went to find laborers, each time, whomever he saw, he hired. He didn’t reject anyone. Second, in the kingdom of heaven, workers were called to work, not just sit in the back row with Jesus. The third thing revealed in this parable is that, the workers in the parable did not earn their pay by how many hours they worked. If their reward was based on work done, then the landowner should have rewarded each of them individually for what they accomplished. But no, they trusted the landowner’s word, and they followed him to the vineyard. And when payday came, the owner made good on his promise.

According to the story, the landowner just feels like being generous. He can do whatever he wants. It is his vineyard, after all, and what he wants is to let the last be first and the first be last. Everyone will be paid. No one will go home empty handed. He simply wants to reverse the order and pay everyone the same regardless of how long they have stood in the sun. When it comes to the kingdom of God, no matter which group you are in, everyone ends up with more than they deserve.  IL-WOONG.

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