The Gift We Give God

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John 12:1-8, The Gift We Give God  

I was wondering what best gift you ever received. Who gave it to you? What made it special? We may notice that the best gift draws the giver and receiver closer together. In today’s gospel story, Mary’s gift is her way of answering the question “what is most important in the world to you?”  Mary either used her most special possession to show Jesus how important he was to her or she took most of the money she had to buy the special anointing oil for him.   

Mary’s gift was her way of showing Jesus how much she loved him. Mary knows it all that Jesus is the one who dies for our sin. He dies for all of us so that all of us can live. She saw it, from the time, a few days earlier, when Jesus raised her brother from the dead. Therefore, it was preparation for Jesus’ burial. Mary knew that this may be the last time they would have him with them. 

Between now and Easter, I’d encourage you to think of a gift you can give God, and ponder these questions: How would you express your love to someone who has saved a family member’s life? What is the appropriate response to the one who gives you the gift of new life? What should your response be to God, who has done what he has done for you in Jesus Christ? How do you express your love to Jesus Christ who has given his life for you?  IL-WOONG.

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EMERGENCY APPEAL – UKRAINE CRISIS.  Act for Peace, an organisation of the National Council of Churches in Australia (they arrange the annual Christmas Bowl), have sent out an appeal for financial support for an Emergency Appeal for the Ukraine Crisis for Emergency Shelter, Medicine and Food. Giving Envelopes will be available in the Foyer from this Sunday which can be sent direct to Act for Peace.

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Church Council Election Results 2022: The Lugarno-Peakhurst Uniting Church Council Election process commenced on Sunday 6 February 2022 and concluded on Sunday 27 March 2022. Following the counting of votes cast by the church members and members in association, Alan Findlay and I declare; Lance Bexon, Jan Blewitt, Josaiah Finau, Mele Finau, Amelia Greenan, Pamela Hanna, Annette O’Neill (all 2 years) and Beryl Bool (1 year) to be duly elected to the Church Council.

Their nominated terms listed above will commence on 1 April 2022, due to a delay in voting because of Covid restrictions last year, and conclude on 31 December 2023 and 2022 respectively.

Keith McLeod, Returning Officer.

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