LPUC eNews – Sunday 16 May 2021

In person worship – 10.15am this Sunday.

Everyone needs to register their intent to be present each Sunday with Beryl Bool (home phone 9759 4201, mobile 0405 686 109 or email 

Bible Reading: John 17:4-23  Prayer

In church calendar terms, today is Easter 7, it is also the Sunday after Ascension Day and a week before Pentecost.

Today IL-Woong is away, and I will be preaching in his stead. Following the lectionary we will read from John 17, sometimes called the High Priestly Prayer.

So the message will be about prayer and just a couple of points at that. I still struggle with impromptu prayer myself, so I keep reminding myself of the things we can pray about so we don’t just come to God with a shopping list as if He’s some kind of Genie granting wishes.

I also hope we think about things like who and what is important to pray for.

I’m looking forward to worshipping with you once more.  Alan Findlay.

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Acappella “Create In Me”

Church library: We’re continuing to collect donations and any reviews of books/DVDs that you’d like to share. We’ll be introducing some more family resources into the library as we go.

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Family growth: We’re setting up now for coffee conversations with LPUC members and non-LPUC members. See Naomi if you’d like to schedule a chat or would like to refer one of your family or friends – huge thanks to those who have already offered their time to facilitate the conversation or to contribute their views.

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Messy Church: We’ve got our next Messy Church NEXT WEEK on 23 May – if you’re available to help the Messy Church team, please let Jan know.

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