Passing on a Legacy of Faith

Sunday 2 October 2022

You are welcome to worship in person this Sunday at 10.15am.  Hand sanitizer and masks are available if you would like to use them.

We are also live streaming of our services.  The service can be seen each Sunday morning commencing at 10.15am.  Here is the link to our YouTube channel to access the live streaming: 

2 Timothy 1:1-14 / Passing on a Legacy of Faith  

The second letter to Timothy is the last letter ‘written’ by Paul in prison, possibly toward the end of his life. This letter is much more personal in tone and content than other Pastoral Epistles. This passage could be interpreted just as a message of encouragement for Timothy to carry on his legacy, urging him as a leader in the church to rekindle his faith by trusting and relying on the spiritual heritage gifted to him by his biological family, his mother and grandmother, and by his family of faith, Paul himself. It is also made very clear that mission is part of the calling of every Christian to be faithful as disciples of Jesus Christ.  

This week’s reading reminds us that faith grows in community. One generation passes the knowledge of God’s grace on to the next, and a faithful community both remembers its heritage and considers its future legacy. As we reflect on the text, we consider our call to remain faithful to the tradition we have received and to demonstrate that faith by passing it on, and ask a few questions: Who has led and encouraged us in faith? How are we passing on our spiritual legacy?  IL-WOONG.

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