Getting out of the boat

LPUC eNews – Sunday 9 August 2020

This Sunday’s message can be viewed here.  Then click on the “Online Church” TAB.  If the message is not already loaded, it will be loaded shortly. 

Please also use the LPUC Worship Resources that have been emailed out to you recently.   If you would like further resources, please contact your pastoral care (Church Council) leader.  God bless.

A blessing for Victoria – Partners in Prayer and Evangelism

Carriers 2.0 – Floodgate Productions

My heart is in your hands

Five clues for inviting Australians to church – NCLS Research eNews – Clue 5: Build confidence

Shema: “Listen” – The Bible Project

Soul Care for a Chaotic COVID-19 World – Ethos 

Songs for children – 10,000 Reasons – Go Chatter

John Anderson Direct: With Coleman Hughes “He emphasises the need for rational, data driven analysis when considering solutions to racism and racial inequality, and he speaks to the current Black Lives Matter moment with striking clarity.”

Has the Church left the building? – Eternity News

Amazing Grace – Lyric Video – Go Chatter

Finding contentment is the secret to lockdown – The Age

Why Eternity does not like cancel culture – Eternity News 

Family Bible Time: The Garden day 2 – Faith in Kids

Tattoos: rethinking the inking – Eternity News NSW Premier urged to bring Modern Slavery Act into force – Eternity News

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