Thanks-Giving: Why We Give

Sunday 11th  June 2023

You are welcome to worship in person this Sunday at 10.15am.  Hand sanitizer and masks are available if you would like to use them.

We are also live streaming of our services.  The service can be seen each Sunday morning commencing at 10.15am.  Here is the link to our YouTube channel to access the live streaming: 

2 Corinthians 9:7-14, Thanks-Giving: Why We Give

Today’s theme is “Giving” and we are going to think about why we give. When we talk about the topic of giving, we may tend to focus on the questions of how much, to whom, and how often we have to give. However, giving to God is not about money, but about ministry. Giving to God is not a financial effort but a spiritual endeavour to grow spiritually in our relationship with God; to love our neighbours in church, community, and world; and offer Christ to people outside the church. 

There are many Bible passages that remind us that our starting point should be with the question of why we should give rather than how much and how often we have to give. So, we may start with a question “Why should we give?” and think about why we should give as God’s stewards. We should give ‘what we have decided in our heart to give’ because our giving puts God first; our giving worships God; and it expresses our attitude of thankfulness to God. IL-WOONG.

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