Who Is My Family?

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Mark 3:20-35Who Is My Family?

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus redefines the concept of family, emphasising spiritual bonds over biological ties. The passage begins with Jesus returning to a crowded house, where his family, concerned about his well-being and possibly embarrassed by his actions and teachings, attempts to take control of him, believing he has lost his mind.

During this time, the teachers of the law accuse Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebul and claim he casts out demons through the power of the prince of demons. Jesus disproves this by explaining that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand, asserting that his authority over demons comes from God, not from Satan.

The scene shifts when Jesus’ mother and brothers arrive, wanting to speak with him. When informed of their presence, Jesus seizes the moment to teach a profound lesson about the nature of true kinship. He looks at those around him and states that whoever does the will of God is his brother, sister, and mother.

Through this statement, Jesus underscores that true family is not limited to biological connections but is based on shared faith and commitment to God’s will. This passage invites believers to understand family in a broader, more inclusive way, recognising that spiritual kinship transcends traditional familial boundaries and is rooted in mutual dedication to living according to God’s teachings.  IL-WOONG.

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