What Makes the Resurrection of Christ Amaze Us?

LPUC eNews – Sunday 18 April 2021

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Luke 24:36b-48, What Makes the Resurrection of Christ Amaze Us? 

Today is the third Sunday after Easter and the Easter Story is continued in today’s gospel reading as the risen Christ appears to the disciples.  This is a great story with which to explore what Jesus was like after the resurrection.  His friends recognised him, at least in this story they did.  But he was different.  He could appear inside a locked room.  But he wasn’t a ghost.  They could touch him.  He could eat a piece of fish.  His body was new and different.  But he was also the same old Jesus they had known.  It was and is very mysterious.  No one understands it fully.   

Scripture describes the emotional state of the disciples in realistic terms.  It says, “They still did not believe it because of joy and amazement.”  They were so startled by this event that, to a man, they feared they were seeing a ghost.  The resurrection amazed them, filled them with joy, and turned their lives around.  It’s an impossible story that positively happened and the evidence of the resurrection is all around us today.  

What amazes you about the resurrection of Jesus?  What impossible aspects of it fill you with joy?  What parts of it are just too good to be true?  In today’s message we may think about a couple of things that amaze us.  IL-WOONG.

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