The Tenth Man: The Grateful Samaritan

LPUC eNews – Sunday 17 July 2022

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Luke 17:11-19The Tenth Man: The Grateful Samaritan  

In today’s gospel, a group of ten lepers that formed a small community outside of Galilee were healed. It is found that these ten people called out to Jesus from a distance to have pity on them (vs 13). Jesus does respond to them, but he does in an unusual manner. Rather than saying, as he had said to others – “be healed – rise up – look and see – take up your bed and walk”, Jesus responds to their cry by saying – “Go, show yourselves to the priests” (vs 14). However, only one of them, who was a Samaritan, praised God and gave thanks, and received Jesus’ declaration of salvation.  

In this story the act of seeing plays a vital role. When Jesus saw the lepers, he saw their need and responded to it, just as the Good Samaritan had seen the need of the man in the ditch and responded to it. When the leper saw healing, he did not just celebrate his good fortune; he returned to Jesus to praise God and fall on his face before Jesus. And the Samaritan realizes how unusual and exceptional this is, and he gives thanks to Jesus for it; and his acknowledgement of this fact – his thanksgiving – is called faith by Jesus, a faith that saves (vs 19). These two occasions of seeing represent challenges for the believer. What do you see? And what do you do when you see? IL-WOONG.

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