The Restoration of Peter

LPUC eNews – Sunday 1 May 2022

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The Restoration of Peter John 21:1-19

Today is the third Sunday of Easter and we will be looking at the Restoration of Peter for ministry as we examine John 21:1-19. Firstly, let us look at the disciples. Four, Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John were fishermen. Probably two of the most significant miracles in Jesus’ ministry involved large numbers of fish. The first involved Simon Peter and Andrew at the start of Jesus’ earthly ministry and in Luke 5, we are told that they had been fishing all night and caught nothing, Jesus borrowed Peter’s boat to speak to the crowd and after He finished speaking, He told the two to let down their nets for a catch. This resulted in a large catch of fish and in response to Jesus’ call to ‘Follow Him’ the fishermen left their boats and nets and followed Him. The second miraculous catch occurred following Jesus’ resurrection. Seven disciples, including Simon Peter had gone fishing in the sea of Galilee Like their previous experience in Luke 5 they had fished all night for no return. This time Jesus appeared on the beach and asked about their catch. He told them to let down their nets on the right side of the boat and we are told the catch was 153 large fish. Jesus invited them to bring some fish they had caught to put on the fire He had made, which was already cooking bread and fish After the meal Jesus spoke directly to Simon Peter about him denying three times that he knew Jesus prior to the crucifixion. Jesus asked Simon Peter three times did he love Him. On the basis of Hs responses Jesus commanded Simon to ‘Follow Me.’ This Peter faithfully did for the remainder of his life, particularly on and after the Day of Pentecost. Indeed, at the conclusion of his first missionary venture, 3000 were saved. What an outcome. Hallelujah! Keith  

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