‘The Prayer of Faith’

LPUC eNews – Sunday 26 September 2021

There is no in person worship this Sunday due to the current COVID restrictions, however you can still watch the service online.

James 5:13-20 ‘The Prayer of Faith’

Today is the eighteenth Sunday in the Season of Pentecost.; We are looking at our 5th and final message on what has been called ‘The Prayer of Faith.’

Firstly, we looked at what is the purpose of prayer and Scripture indicated that it is primarily to build a relationship with God? During His time on earth Jesus was totally reliant on His prayer times with God. There is no doubt that if Jesus had such a need, then this would point to us having a similar need in our walk with God.

Secondly, we looked at faith and discovered two very good definitions in Scripture in Romans 10:17 and Hebrews 11:1.

From our reading we discovered that all of us as followers of Jesus will experience suffering and likely persecution for our faith. I believe we would all agree that those attacks on us are becoming more prevalent in today’s society, compared to years gone by. Next we discover that the onus is on the person wanting prayer to request the leaders to pray over them.

The contentious verse is v. 15, when comparing the NIV (the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well) and the NRSV (the prayer of faith will save the sick). Some believers think that all who ask should be healed physically, while others believe that miracles ceased centuries ago. Our Church at LPUC falls somewhere in the middle of this thinking. We have experienced miraculous answers to prayer by God for some and for others healing didn’t occur. It is beyond our human understanding to explain why God doesn’t choose to heal everyone, who was prayed over, but neither did Jesus choose to heal everyone, who was sick during His earthly ministry either. We should never use this as an excuse to forego prayer for others. Thankfully we still have a very active prayer ministry at LPUC. Keith

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