The Parable of the Weeds

LPUC eNews – Sunday 19 July 2020

This Sunday’s message can be viewed here.  Then click on the “Online Church” TAB.  If the message is not already loaded, it will be loaded shortly. 

Please also use the LPUC Worship Resources that have been emailed out to you recently.   If you would like further resources, please contact your pastoral care (Church Council) leader.  God bless.

Hope story – Isaac Helms – GO2020

What will you do with your window of opportunity? – The Daily Declaration

The Brilliance – See the Love – Hope 103.2

God was real.  It was such a surprise – Eternity News

Slavery, statues and knowing when to stop – TheArticle

Justice – The Bible Project

This tiny house builder is a big believer – Eternity News 

Five clues for inviting Australians to church – NCLS Research eNews – Clue 2: Try inviting them

Open the eyes of my heart Lord

Scientists defend biological reality of male and female – Australian Prayer Network 

Keeping the faith: religion in the UK amid coronavirus – the Guardian   

Nestle outraged that no one is offended by their Redskins products – The Good Sauce

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