The Parable of the Talent

LPUC eNews – Sunday 15 November 2020

In person worship – 10.15am this Sunday.

Everyone needs to register their intent to be present each Sunday with Beryl Bool (home phone 9759 4201, mobile 0405 686 109 or email address 

This Sunday’s message can still be viewed here.  Then click on the “Online Church” TAB.  If the message is not already loaded, it will be loaded shortly. 

The Chosen – Season 1

Jesus in all of John – John 1:1-34

Meód: “Strength” – The Bible Project

The 2020 US election – who was the biggest loser? – Australian Prayer Network 

The post-COVID playbook – Episode 12: Virtual happy hour – Personal Evangelism in a post-COVID world  – The Bible Forum

An early Christmas gift for kids – Eternity News

John Anderson Direct: with Victor Davis Hanson, historian and writer – a special US election episode 

Songs for children – Sing to the Lord – Go Chatter

Eyewitness Bible Series – Theophilius and Luke

Bible Basics – History of Bible Translation – The Bible Project

Five truths to hold on to no matter what happens in an election – Australian Prayer Network 

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Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.