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LPUC eNews – Sunday 26 July 2020

This Sunday’s message can be viewed here.  Then click on the “Online Church” TAB.  If the message is not already loaded, it will be loaded shortly. 

Please also use the LPUC Worship Resources that have been emailed out to you recently.   If you would like further resources, please contact your pastoral care (Church Council) leader.  God bless.

Our Prayer (Matthew 6) – Skit Guys

When I Survey – Lyric Video – Go Chatter

Trying to help my neighbours in Melbourne’s tower blocks – Eternity News 

Five clues for inviting Australians to church – NCLS Research eNews – Clue 3: Invite people who used to attend

Awaken | BackHOME & thelukasband feat. Luke Munns & Kate Wray

Family Bible Time: Light day 1 – Faith in Kids 

The myth of a secular Australia – The Daily Declaration

We are Church Documentary – Francis Chan.  Have you ever wondered if there was more to church than what you’re currently experiencing?  Have you ever asked yourself what it really looks like to be the Church as God intended? 

Storytime at Koorong

Khata: “Sin” – The Bible Project

HRLA successfully defends a Queensland mother from a worthless vilification claim

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Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.