The Armour of God

LPUC eNews – Sunday 22 August 2021

There is no in person worship this Sunday due to the current COVID restrictions, however you can still watch the service online.

Ephesians 6:10-20, The Armour of God 

At the time when this letter to the Ephesians was written, it was normal to see soldiers walking around in armoured uniform, and many were victims of the soldiers’ violence. With the power of Rome at its height, those wearing this armour must have seemed the very essence of strength and protection against their foes.  

In fact, the early church was a religious minority and suffered daily harassment and discrimination. The nature of the violent, oppressive and powerful Roman soldier is in contrast with the behaviour of the Christian community. The church is called to put on other clothing and to practice a new reality based on the life of Christ, who brings peace.  

Today’s passage talks about standing firm in God’s power when it is hard to live in God’s way; being strong in a way that isn’t just physical strength. What are some of the ways that you are strong? The people in the house churches, early churches were told to be strong by trusting in God and God’s love. What are some ways we can spread God’s love by what we say and do? 

To pray in the Spirit (v. 18) suggests praying out of one’s place of belonging. This gives rise to compassion, courage, and an abiding sense of purpose. What does it mean for you to pray in the Spirit? How does this further shape and inform your practice of faith?  IL-Woong.

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Messy Church: You’re invited (and welcome!) to join a short Zoom call today at 4pm, Sunday 22 August, where we can say hello and check-in as a Messy Church community. We’ve missed catching up in person over the last few months, but the lockdown has also presented some opportunities. Our next Messy Church ‘at home’ kit provides activities for families to explore how God loves us, and we hope to deliver these over the next week. Your prayers and ongoing support for this ministry and these families are very appreciated, particularly during the lockdown. For more information, feedback or to request an at-home kit for another family in the area, contact Jan and the Messy Church team on

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Family Growth project: You’re invited to discuss our findings and next steps for growing young families at our church, spiritually and in number. This growth takes time, prayer and all of us – your input really matters, especially now! You’ll see several Zoom meeting options at different times of day; however, you’ll only need to attend one Zoom call that suits you. For more information, contact IL-Woong or Naomi Feigl 0419 305 988 or

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Always Good – Emu Music “This song is based on Psalm 13, David’s song of lament. David’s questions are big and important, and perhaps more than ever, we are in need of songs that ask – and answer – these questions. Ultimately, even in his sorrow and anguish, David turns to trust in the Lord’s unfailing love, and we hope and pray this song helps you to do that too.”

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Library: If you’d like to share what you’re reading/watching or request a resource from the library, send an email to and Lawrie has these resources available:

The Call of the Wild.  DVD. “Adapted from the beloved literary classic, The Call of the Wild, vividly brings to life the story of Buck, a big-hearted dog, and the man (Harrison Ford) he must learn to trust.  When he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Alaskan Yukon, Buck experiences the adventure of a lifetime, ultimately finding his true place in the world.  With its unique blend of intense live action and cutting-edge animation The Call of the Wild is “an epic adventure that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer – a must-see for the entire family” (Ruben Perez Jr. Entertainment Rocks.)”   

7 Reasons to Re-Consider Christianity by Ben Shaw.  The common assumption is that Christianity is simply a nice story for kids, a comforting crutch to lean on, or something completely out of touch with modern life.  In this book, a former sceptic invites you to take a look for yourself.  He outlines seven reasons why Christianity is worth considering with an open mind and explores the answers Jesus offers to life’s big questions.

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