Ruminating the Bible

LPUC eNews – Sunday 24 October 2021

There is no in person worship this Sunday due to the current COVID restrictions, however you can still watch the service online.

Ruminating the Bible, Psalm 34:1-10 

Today we are going to find a simple key to implement everything we heard over the last three weeks.  We should read the Bible.  No, that’s not what I’m going to say because actually, it is not what the Bible says to us.  I think the best way we get the most out of the Bible is to EAT the BIBLE, not literally but metaphorically.  According to today’s theme: RUMINATING the BIBLE.   

Just like sheep, we need to stop and ruminate on what we have already taken in.  In short, we need time to reflect.  Reflection is more than keeping a journal to remember what was done.  Reflection is taking time to carefully examine and glean from the experience. In my message today we will discover more about why we have to ruminate the Bible. 

See Psalm 34.  The author of this Psalm 34, David was a man who sought to please God and consequently, the scripture was used greatly in realising the will of God.  David was able to please God because he had a deep fellowship with God.  Furthermore, in Psalm 5:3 & 143:8, we can find two ways of faith David practiced: to deepen his relationship with God, David listened to the word of God and also asked for his help.  

It is not easy to do ‘Ruminating the Bible’ steadily and regularly even though we know of its benefits.  So, discipline is necessary for a life of devotion.  It is necessary to discipline one’s life for training.  The last thing I want to tell you is: ‘Do not get downhearted and be discouraged when you fail but start again from that day.  Do you know why?  Because I believe that there isn’t such a word, ‘failure’ in God’s dictionary but He always encourages us to ‘turn around and try again.’ Amen.  IL-WOONG.

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