Remembering Sunday: A Day of Rest & Worship

Sunday 2nd June 2024

The passage starts with Jesus and His disciples walking through grain fields on the Sabbath. The disciples pick some grain because they are hungry. The Pharisees see this and question Jesus, saying it is against the law to do this on the Sabbath. Jesus responds by mentioning when David ate special bread meant only for priests, showing that human need is more important than ceremonial rules. He teaches that the Sabbath is meant to help people, not to be a burden on them.

The passage continues with Jesus healing a man with a withered hand in a synagogue on the Sabbath. This angers the Pharisees, who believe that performing any work, even miracles, breaks the Sabbath law. Jesus challenges their view by asking if it is right to do good or harm, to save life or kill on the Sabbath. By healing the man, Jesus shows that acts of mercy and love are in line with the true purpose of the Sabbath.

Both scenarios challenge the traditional interpretations of the Sabbath laws and encourage reflection on its true purpose. Jesus redefines the Sabbath as a day for rest and worship, and challenges the Pharisees’ strict interpretation of Sabbath laws.  IL-WOONG.

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