Pruning the Vine

LPUC eNews – Sunday 2 May 2021

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1 John 4:7-12, John 15:1-8, Pruning the Vine 

Today is the fifth Sunday of Easter.  We celebrated Easter, the resurrection of Christ, four weeks ago… How do we hold on to the Easter experience and live as those who have been resurrected with Christ? This is where today’s gospel, John 15 comes in.  

Jesus told a story about a gardener whose vines were growing bigger and longer. Vines are what grow grapes, although the problem with this vine was that the juicy grapes were so hard to find and there was tiny sour, uneatable grapes on the vine, and if the gardener was going to get some good grapes, he had to cut back the vine, to make room for good grapes to grow. And in time, they turned out to be his best grapes ever. 

Sometimes we need to declutter and get rid of all the things that stop us from growing. 

We need to get rid of some of the things that stop us learning new things and that includes learning new things about God. 

Maybe Jesus lifts up the image of pruning of the vine in order to speak some deep truth to each of us.  It’s a challenging image of God’s love for us.  So, as Jesus said on another occasion, when he told a parable, “Let the one who has ears to hear, hear.” 

• I wonder what things you might stop doing, in order to, do something new, that would help you and other people? 

• I wonder what things you could get rid of in order to do something good?  IL-WOONG.

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