Parable of the the Sower

LPUC eNews – Sunday 12 July 2020

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Please also use the LPUC Worship Resources that have been emailed out to you recently.   If you would like further resources, please contact your pastoral care (Church Council) leader.  God bless.

Trust and Obey (A Capella) 

Real saints and soldiers – Eternity News

Five clues for inviting Australians to church – NCLS Research eNews – Clue 1: Make and keep friends

God is our fortress – a reading of Psalm 46 by Kristen Getty

Don’t Give Up – Look Up! – The Daily Declaration

What will be the year’s best Aussie Christian book? – Eternity News

We have a lamb

Conversations with John Anderson: Featuring Professor Stephen Hicks, Professor of Philosophy.  Prof. Stephen Hicks is a philosopher who is well known for his expertise in demystifying postmodernist ideology.  His insights into postmodernism and political correctness have extra significance today as we see university progressive activism spilling out into the streets. 

Tell us what you love about your neighbourhood – Neighbourhood Matters

Hope Story – Borkwei – Go2020

 Politicians must be protected from Jesus’ words – The Good Sauce

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Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.