One God yet Three-in-One!

LPUC eNews – Sunday 30 May 2021

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John 3:1-17, One God yet Three-in-One! 

In today’s text, Jesus speaks of that rich Old Testament theme – the Kingdom of God (vs 3). Basic here is the truth that God is sovereign. He is King. He is Ruler and Lord, Creator and God of all. And Jesus also gave a response with rather surprising images. To enter into relationship with God, to be a part of his Kingdom, is likened to birth – or rather, re-birth (vs. 5-7). Belonging to God is receiving his life. That is what God’s Kingdom means – his active ruling in the lives of those who are his children by faith. 

Then Jesus tells Nicodemus of the mystery of God’s Spirit by using another image: wind (vs. 8). Like the wind, which no one of us perceives as to its origin and outcome, so the Spirit of God moves and works. The Spirit makes it possible for that which is born as flesh to be born anew as spiritually alive. The Spirit of God is God’s presence, creating interest and awareness of the spiritual base for life. The Spirit creates faith in us, and causes that faith to motivate us to love and serve God freely. 

He then goes on to speak of himself as the Son of man, descended from Heaven, and lifted up that all who believe in him might be saved (vs. 11-14). The sovereign God has come to the world supremely in his messianic Son, who willingly suffered death on an uplifted Cross for the redemption of the world. Through the mystery of the Spirit, this truth comes alive in all who receive the gift of grace and respond in faith.   

So… the one God comes to us three-fold in his revelation: sovereign Creator, messianic Son, life-giving Spirit. All this is in the text from John 3. IL-WOONG. 

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Church library: Help us with the hardest-working shelf in the church library. During June, tell us the best DVDs or books you’ve used in our Christian Living section – we’ll make sure your top picks are on the shelf and available for others to use. See Naomi Feigl or Lawrie Bool for more information

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Messy Church:  We had fun overcoming obstacles with families at Messy Church last weekend – the challenges kept us all warm, too! We’re exploring the theme ‘God is all we need’, and our message in May is that God helps us overcome challenges.(Isaiah 41:10) A huge thanks to everyone who braved a chilly night to help and be part of it!

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Family growth: We’ll be starting our first conversations with LPUC members this weekend – a big thanks to those giving us their time over the next few weeks to share their experiences and views to grow young families at LPUC, in number and spiritually. Thank you also to the team helping with these interviews – Lyn, Beryl and Pamela – much appreciated! See Naomi Feigl or IL-Woong for more information.

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