Missing the Point

Sunday 6 November 2022

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Luke 20:27-38, Missing the Point

This Sunday’s gospel reading is the story of another tricky question: “Whose wife will a woman who has been married and widowed seven times be, when all eight of those people get to heaven?” This was a question that the Sadducees posed to Jesus to entrap him.

The Sadducees were very pleased with themselves and waited for Jesus to answer. Which he did: “You’re so focussed on the rules of this life but that will be the least of what you’ll be thinking about in the resurrection. Concern yourselves not with the jot and tittle of marriage law here, but with the bigger truth: that in resurrection, all are alive! That seems a better truth to focus on.”

No one knows what life beyond death is like. That is one of God’s secrets. What we do know is that God will still be loving. Therefore, we can expect only that life will be good. That answer puts the question in a familiar class of questions for which there are no answers—only mysteries.

The Sadducee’s question is, of course, a trap question. But to recognize that and to deal with Jesus’ point about the God of the living (vs. 37-38) requires in-depth knowledge about the Sadducees and their logic. We are going to explore more about that this Sunday. IL-WOONG.

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