LPUC eNews – Sunday 9 June 2019

Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.



Acts 2: 1-14, When the Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost

Pentecost was originally big Jewish spring festival.  It is a time to meditate on the Exodus story of Sinai and the gift of the Law, and celebrate their liberation by God from slavery in Egypt.  What we notice is that the people gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost when the spirit came were all Jews.

As people do at community festivals, everyone was happy, having a good time, connecting with old friends and trading old stories whereas a group of 120 followers of Jesus were isolated in an upper room, scared because of what had happened to them in the last few weeks.  Yet, on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended upon them, and these scared disciples were all began to celebrate and praise God, in lots of different languages that they’d never learnt.

When the spirit of the Lord is present people from all those places, sixteen regions all together, suddenly could understand one another.  They could understand and be understood by the help and spiritual guide of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit teaches them to remember Jesus Christ who he is and what he has done for them, the Holy Spirit teaches them to learn the Words of God, to love God, to live holy lives and to walk by faith.

Moreover, when the Holy Spirit was filling Peter, he became a confident witness of Christ; preached about whom Jesus was and what he did for them.  Peter also proclaimed to the crowd that now we are to be a witness of the resurrection of Christ (vs. 32).  As we have known all that God had done in Christ, and understood of His divine plan, we now get to be involved in Christ’s life, be a part of it, and tell everybody what God has done! IL-WOONG.

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Book of the Week: 

The New You and the Holy Spirit by Andrew Wommack.  It’s important to understand what happened when you received Jesus as your Saviour.  That knowledge and understanding will keep the Word that was sown in your heart from being stolen by Satan.  There is more to salvation than you have ever imagined.  The forgiveness of sin was not the only thing included in your salvation.  From God’s perspective, it is just the beginning, a means to an end.  Fellowship is the real goal.  Now, become a disciple (learner and follower) of Jesus.  Learn what separates Christianity from every other religion; how God sees past, present and future sins; and much more.

Living the abundant life that Jesus provided is impossible without the Holy Spirit.  Before Jesus’ disciples received Him, they were weak and fearful.  After receiving, each one became a powerhouse of God’s miraculous power, and that’s available to you.  If you believe the Bible is true, then you must also believe the baptism in the Holy Spirit is God’s will for everyone.  In this book, Andrew established the validity of speaking in tongues, talks about the many gifts that accompany it, shares other little-known benefits, and explains how to begin speaking in tongues.

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