LPUC eNews – Sunday 9 February

Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.




Matthew 5:13-20, Salt and Light

Every day the news media publish lots of bad news that is all about the out-of-the-ordinary event and most of them are negative: mass shootings, terrorist attacks, wars, famine, etc. As a result of that we may have felt that we live in the world that God did not make it. I am talking about a hungry, sick and hurting world that thousands of people die each day from starvation or disease; still many live in oppressive circumstances, never knowing freedom or dignity or security. I am talking about a divided world that is fragmented in so many ways. I am talking about a lost world that many people have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ; many have heard but rejected, and so continue to live less than full lives. That’s the world we live in.

In the gospel reading today, Jesus says that our Christian influence works like salt in food, like a candle in a dark house, like a city that is built on a hill. As we live lives that look and sound like Jesus, we are, bit by bit, helping to shape His world according to His purpose.  Remember, the Christian movement began with Jesus and twelve followers. Not a very large or impressive group was it? But they had a dream of the way life, the way the world should be, could be. By living above the dominant standards, and by trusting God for the rest, they succeeded in turning the world upside down. We follow in their footsteps, and all the resources of God that were available to them are available to us as well.

Jesus did not say, “You can be salt, or you should be light” but “You are the salt of the earth, and you are the light of the world.” What it means that you are to shake the salt on a decaying world, and you are to shine the light to a darkened world. We can help make this world more healthy, humane, harmonious, and more blessed. God made a good world. Now He wants us to help Him make it good again. We can do that. By God’s grace, we really can do that, Amen.  IL-WOONG.

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Jesus the Game Changer – Series 1 is commencing in our church next month and everyone is invited to be involved.  In this fresh and exciting first series of “Jesus the Game Changer”, well-known Australian Christian communicator Karl Faase takes a look at the evidence for Jesus’ existence and his impact on the world.

Commencing in March and for the following six weeks concluding just before Easter, we will all join together to consider how Jesus was a “Game Changer”.  The episodes in this series that we will be looking at are: “Jesus”, “Equality”, “Women and Children”, “Care”, “Leadership” and “Forgiveness”.

Each Sunday the sermon will focus on one of the topics.  During the week this will be followed up by a church wide Bible study which will be held each Thursday in the worship area of the church from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.  The format for Thursday nights will involve watching a 30-minute video and then a discussion around that week’s topic.  With the Thursday sessions finishing at 8.30pm, it won’t be a late night.  On-site childcare will also be provided each week.  The Sunday children’s group activities will also follow this series.

This Sunday someone may approach you and invite you to join us on Thursday nights.  We would love for you to be involved!  There will be a sheet in the foyer where you can indicate that you are planning to come on Thursday nights.  If no one specifically approaches you, just find the sheet, and sign up!

The discussion questions for each topic are available as a ‘smart device’ app which can be downloaded for both IOS and Android.  Discussion books will also be available on the night.

If you need transport or have any other needs or questions, please contact Lawrie on 0404 354 291 or lawrie.bool@gmail.com

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Book Of The Week

My Body is Me! By Rachel Rooney.  My Body Is Me is an upbeat, rhyming picture book, aimed for 3-6 year olds, written by Rachel Rooney and illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg in consultation with TransgenderTrend (Parents questioning the trans narrative). It introduces children to the workings of the human body and celebrates similarities and differences while challenging sex stereotypes. It also aims to promote a positive self-image and foster self-care skills. The text is inclusive for children with physical or sensory disabilities.

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Conversations with John Anderson – Douglas Murray. Douglas Murray is the author of 6 books and a journalist based in Britain. He has been a contributor to The Spectator since 2000 and has been Associate Editor at the magazine since 2012. He has also written regularly for numerous other outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Evening Standard and The New Criterion. He is a regular contributor to National Review and has been a columnist for Standpoint magazine since its founding.

In his devastating new book The Madness of Crowds, Murray examines the twenty-first century’s most divisive issues: sexuality, gender, technology and race. He reveals the astonishing new culture wars playing out in our workplaces, universities, schools and homes in the names of social justice, identity politics and ‘intersectionality’.

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