LPUC eNews – Sunday 28 April 2019

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From Keith’s Desk …  Chapter 20 is the climax of John’s Gospel. In today’s message we will delve further into the consequences of the resurrection particularly as it relates to the disciples locked in the upper room for fear of the Jews. It is into this situation that Jesus suddenly comes and stands in their midst and utters the words ‘Peace be with you.’ These were hardly the words they might have expected after they had abandoned Him prior to the crucifixion.

He showed them His hands and feet, the marks of His crucifixion, by which the peace with God was obtained. He then commissions them for the task that they have been called to do, namely He is sending them into the world as the Father has sent Him. Their empowering will come through the Holy Spirit, as it does with us as followers of Jesus. He then speaks of forgiveness of sin and its importance in bringing the good news to unbelievers.

Thomas on the other hand wasn’t present when Jesus appeared to His disciples the previous week and his response was somewhat understandable. The basis of his doubt was he had not seen the risen Lord. Jesus dealt with him in such a way as to move Thomas from doubt to faith and evoked the following response; ‘My Lord and My God.’ In contrast to Thomas, may Jesus’ response to us be; ‘Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.’ 

… May God’s richest Blessing be with you all, Keith.

Dear world, I love you – Jesus.

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