LPUC eNews – Sunday 27 May 2018

Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.

Luke 17:11-19, A Grateful Heart

In today’s text, we can find the story of the Grateful Samaritan. This Samaritan was a member of a group of ten lepers who asked Jesus for mercy at a distance (vs. 12-13). What Jesus did was to send them to the priests as the ritual to declare them cleansed. I wonder if all ten are not somewhat puzzled when Jesus says simply, “Go and show yourselves to the priests” (vs. 14).

However, without any hesitation that small group of lepers began walking toward the temple. And on their way, they were healed and one of them – the Samaritan – returned to Jesus and gave thanks to him. We can imagine him running, leaping, perhaps singing as he praises God with a loud voice. Immediately he recognizes that the source of his healing is the mercy and power of God, and he gives joyful expression to that fact (vs. 15-16).

In verses 17 and 18, Jesus responds to the healed leper’s praise with three questions. “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner?” Then Jesus adds a benediction and a blessing to the Samaritan’s joy. “Rise and go; your faith has made you well” (vs. 19).

This is the second command the Samaritan has heard from Jesus. Both include the word “Go” – “Go and show yourself to the priest” and “Go on your way.” The first restricts the man to a particular route and a specific goal. The second recognizes his new freedom. This Samaritan experienced of a newfound freedom as he goes beyond obedience into joyful gratitude. The story is completed.  IL-WOONG.

Charles Wesley lacked Holy Spirit no more.

THANKSGIVING SUNDAYS 2018 – 27th May and 3rd June:  Each year Lugarno-Peakhurst Uniting Church dedicates two successive Sundays to give a special Thanks offering in response to all of our blessings received from God.  These monies raised outside of normal offerings go towards growing the Kingdom of God.  We will have the opportunity to bring our thanks offerings over two Sundays and specially marked envelopes will be available for this purpose.

The church council decided that the offerings this year will help to support two projects – Papua New Guinea earthquake and Tonga cyclone Appeal.

In February, there was a powerful earthquake struck the southern highlands region of Papua New Guinea. Dozens have been killed and hundreds injured as homes and properties collapsed. Landslides and sinkholes are still threatening lives. And also in February, Tonga was hit by the strongest storm. It’s seen in 60 years, with at least 70% of the population affected. Your donation will help UnitingWorld to assist communities to recover and train leaders to prepare for and prevent future events.

Please welcome Mackenzie Connel from Officeworks, Lewisham and also Irene Falzon from Clemton Park Cake Shop who will come to the morning service and be given a certificate of appreciation as they support our outreach ministries such as Messy Church / Community Morning Tea.

How do we start a God Revolution?  A heart change is only possible when people respond to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you join us in spreading the heart revolution that is needed?

There is widespread disillusionment among people in Australia today. The Australian government has become less stable and people are turning inward and trusting each other less. Greed is on the increase and this alienates people from one another. The only solution is a heart change.

Rev. Richard Temby explains in the video above the need for Christians to have confidence to share Christ with others. Many churches are preoccupied with the question: How do we get people to come in? Whereas the real need is to take Jesus with us and go out.

Tony McLennan in his years with Bible League noticed the great need to help the people in churches to be actively engaging with and telling others about Jesus. “We are seeing people working on the political and social frontlines but the spiritual frontline has been neglected.  We need to raise up an army of 10,000 soul winners who are committed to being fruitful bearers of His Name and bringing many to faith in their lifetime.”

Awkward Invites: Golf Buddies.

Operation Christmas Child:  This Sunday, 27th May, there will be a sale of goods for our shoeboxes.  These are goods purchased by Susan at Trade Shows, giving us lovely items at wholesale prices (or less).  Some of these goods will be available to ‘sponsor’ i.e.  you purchase and give them back to us for our shoeboxes.  In this way we will be able to reduce our debt to Susan!

God or man? Asks Nicea Council.

✝ Dear Church Family, On this National Appreciation Sunday I would like to thank you all for the outstanding support that you have given to me Sunday after Sunday, and in the case of some Members through the week. Your compassion and kindness has allowed my team to share the love of Jesus in a practical way. I assure you that every item given has been gratefully received and faithfully applied to the purpose for which it has been given- so that even when the doors of the Sanctuary are closed the Message of Christ’s love is still being told in a tangible way! There were (28)people who attended Messy Church last Sunday, all of whom had been contacted  INITIALLY through their need being met by acts of Christian kindness which would not have been possible if it were not for the ‘Community Mindedness’ of IL-Woong our Pastor and our Church Family. From my heart-thank you! Warmest regards, Hilton 🙏

Life & Faith: Prostitution Narratives. (See also Book of the Week)  Prostitution is a global industry that generates more than $186 billion worldwide and has more than 13 million “employees”. But these numbers tell you nothing about the people involved in the sex industry – the circumstances that led them to a life of prostitution, the experiences they have in the industry, and the struggle to leave.

A new book changes this. Prostitution Narratives shines a light on the reality of the sex industry through the true stories of women who escaped a life of prostitution.

But it’s done more than raise awareness of the issues and trauma faced by these women. As survivors of the sex industry, the book’s contributors have come to realise that they are part of a global movement of women against prostitution.

“The personal has become political,” Melinda Tankard Reist, one of the editors of the book and a long-time advocate for women and girls, says. “They’ve found strength in turning something devastating into something powerful.”

In this episode of Life & Faith, Melinda talks about how vital it is to hear the voices of women from within the sex industry, to understand that truth and reality of the work they do.

Bible Society – MasterclassMasterclass is a one-day event for Christian students in years 9-12 of high school aimed to inspire, stretch and encourage the next generation of believers. Along with great speakers and topics, we offer the Hot Topics Q&A panel we call MasterQ – a time for the students to ask their questions.

DVD and Book of the Week:

The Euthanasia Deception  DVD.  A one-hour featuring powerful testimonies from Belgium and beyond of lives devastated by the false ideology of ‘mercy killing’.  The Euthanasia Deception exposes three main deceptions.  First, that euthanasia and assisted suicide are a form of compassion.  Second, the myth of autonomy; that decisions made between a doctor and patient operate in a vacuum.  Finally, can ‘safeguards’ protect the vulnerable.

Prostitution Narratives. Caroline Norma and Melinda Tankard Reist (eds).  For too long the global sex industry and its vested interests in the median, academia, government and law have dominated the prostitution debate.  They have repeated the same old line that ‘sex work’ is just a job and women ‘choose’ it.  Little is said of the damage inflicted on women and children, or of the ill-health and suicides prevalent in the sex industry.  Prostitution Narratives refutes these lies and debunks the myths spread by pro-prostitution forces with testimonies from 20 prostitution survivors.  These women bravely recount their experiences of harm and humiliation at the hands of sex buyers, pimps and traffickers and reveal how they managed to survive.  The contributors, along with editors Caroline Norma and Melinda Tankard Reist, argue passionately for the abolition of the prostitution industry.  This compelling collection also provides solace to those who bear the industry’s scars, and hope to those who remain in its clutches but want to find a new life.

What is an evangelical?  “Evangelical” is a dirty word in many circles today. But what does it actually mean? David Bebbington, whose definition is the one most commonly used by historians, offers a brief overview.

Christafari – He Reigns (Official Music Video) Brazil Carnival 2018.

Pesha / Transgression.  “Transgression” is one of those Bible words that seems clear until you have to explain it to somebody. In this video, we’ll explore the fascinating and sophisticated meaning of this biblical “bad word.” Get ready for a sobering reflection on human nature.

Cut flower culture.

Ten non-religious reasons against abortion.