LPUC eNews – Sunday 25 February 2018

Our Mission is to
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Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.




Acts 8:26-40, What’s the Next Step? (Series: Walk Across the Room)

Two weeks ago I asked a question for all of us to ponder. That is “What if you knew that simply just crossing the room and saying hello to someone, you can change that person forever?” Since then I could hear of conversations about ‘crossing the room’ among people and find something that happened as a result of having this perspective on sharing faith (as known as evangelism). What we learned from the message was to become walk-across-the-room people to introduce God to others we have to ‘take a step into the unknown zone; listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit; and just walk.’

Today I am going to continue to preach on the overall theme, ‘Walk Across the Room’ and especially focus on ‘what is the next step that we need to take in leading others to Christ’ as we look at the text, Acts 8:26-40.  In fact, the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch (official) is just one example of what it might look like for a person who follows the Spirit’s leading to walk across the room to introduce the good news of Jesus Christ.

In the text we can learn that walk-across-the-room people are those who firstly look for ways to develop friendships (Philip ran to the chariot where he heard an Ethiopian official reading from the prophet Isaiah, vs 26-30); secondly discover stories (Philip engaged the man in conversation, vs 30-31); then always discern appropriate next steps (Philip waited for the next prompt from the Holy Spirit, and then wisely began his testimony about Jesus, vs. 34-35).

God’s Spirit still wants to guide us into this kind of conversation today. Obviously not every conversation we have may lead as evangelising and as immediately rewarding as Philip’s conversation with the Ethiopian eunuch. However, every Spirit-led conversation we have with another person God will be in it. So now we need to let the same Spirit who lived in Christ and who worked in Philip also lead and teach us how to be witnesses for him.  IL-WOONG..

Blessed are those who mourn

Caedmon, 1st Anglo-Saxon Christian Poet

Churches unite to propose Religious Freedom Act.

A chance to find out more about chaplaincy training at St George Hospital As you may have heard through our earlier publicity, the St George Hospital chaplains’ team is offering training for new volunteer chaplains this year. The initial training will be in two parts of five days each— the first segment over five Mondays in May-June, and the second segment over five Mondays in July-August.

On Monday 19th March we’re holding an information session about the training, and what’s involved in being a volunteer chaplain at St George Hospital. We’ve extended the deadline for interested people to contact us; so if you’re interested in this training, please make sure you contact us by Friday 9th March, and we’ll give you more details about the information session. You can contact us by phone (on 9113 2189) or email (david.lakos@health.nsw.gov.au).

Masterclass NSW/ACT.

Arthur Stace – ‘Mr Eternity’

Six people to watch out for in 2018.

DVDs of the Week:

The Cokeville Miracle.  On 16 May 1986, in the small town of Cokeville, Wyoming, David and Doris Young took an elementary school hostage.  In the midst of the turmoil, the young children inside the school began to pray together.  The people of Cokeville also rallied in prayer, uniting behind the children and teachers in a powerful way.  After several hours, the Youngs detonated a bomb inside a single classroom that held every teacher and student in the school.  Though many of the children suffered injuries, the only people to lose their lives that day were the two perpetrators.  The miraculous outcome of the crisis changed a community forever.

Victor.  In the early 1960s, Victor Torres and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York from their native Puerto Rico in search of a new life.  The American Dream quickly fades as they face a life of poverty in their adopted home.  As a new recruit in a street gang, a teenage Victor embarks on a lucrative new drug-trafficking business in an attempt to help his struggling family.  Victor is quickly enslaved by drug use, and his parents Manuel an Lila desperately search for a way to help their son.  A faith-based rehabilitation program is Victor’s last hope of rescue.

Pinnacle Pocket Revival Testimony.

Cats and Dogs in Heaven?  Don’t laugh.

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER:  Friday 2nd March 2018.   Focusing on the country of Suriname?  You are invited to come along to find out more about this country and join in prayer for the needs of Suriname, its people and our world at our local World Day of Prayer service here at Lugarno-Peakhurst Uniting Church at 1.30pm on Friday 2nd March 2018.  Afternoon tea will be served afterward.

The new Camilleri.

Bibles for bubs

“MAINLY MUSIC”We are looking to start a Mainly Music group to outreach into the Lugarno and Peakhurst community starting in 2nd term. Mainly Music is a fun music session for families with young children to enjoy together and for children to grow developmentally.  It provides the opportunity for us to develop relationships with the adults attending; relationships that provide a way to become a part of their lives; relationships that encourage people to think about God; and openings to present the message of the Gospel in a loving way. (Jo Hood, Founder and International CEO)

We need at least another 5-6 more people to assist for the program to progress (2 – in the kitchen, providing morning tea; 2 – in the hall interacting with parents and children; 1 – in the foyer doing welcoming & registering; 1 – for technical support of sound and projection)

The sessions would be held on either a Monday or Friday morning (day still to be decided).  Both men and women are welcome to be a part of this great outreach ministry.  All team members will be required to have Working with Children clearance.   Assistance can be provided to arrange this clearance.  Any potential assistants please see Il-Woong or contact Nathalie, 0414 108 250 – nathaliesaliby@hotmail.com

Medical Professionals: Euthanasia hurts both patient and doctor.

Legalise euthanasia and compassionate society dies too – Paul Kelly, The Australian.

WEBSITE TRAINING:  If you are interested in learning about or wanting to help out with the Church website, there may be a training day on Saturday 10th March from 9:30am–3pm.  If you are interested, please email office@lpuc.org.au

‘And that’s what bothers me ..’ Jaya Taki told her story at an Abortion Rethink event to Members of the NSW Parliament and members of the public.