LPUC eNews – Sunday 24 February 2019

Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.




Genesis 45:3-11, 15 & Luke 6:27-38, Beyond the Ordinary

In today’s gospel, Jesus tells us to love, not only our neighbours but our enemies (Luke 6:27). In fact, He died for them as well as for us. That is an impossible order for humans. It is not easy to love siblings who plan your death, but instead decide to sell you into slavery in a foreign land. Joseph doesn’t blame or punish his older brothers, even though he has the power to do so. He puts the past into perspective and looks at how God has used the situation. Joseph has prospered greatly as governor of a world power, and has saved his family, who will become the nation of Israel, from starvation.

God does not cause evil things to happen but can and does work in and through those events to accomplish good.  “Love your enemies.”  Unbelievably, Joseph loves the jealous brothers, whose hatred deprived him of father and homeland, changing his life forever.

“Do good to those who hate you” (Luke 6:27b). Surprisingly, Joseph greets the frightened brothers, not with instant justice, but with joyful reconciliation and careful plans for their welfare. Jesus’ words turn the world around and they can turn us around, too. Jesus’ words, when we put them into action, can turn sadness into joy, anger into forgiveness, hostility into community, and defeat into victory. Nothing is impossible, with God on our side.

What’s new with you?.

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World Day of Prayer – Friday 1st March 1.30pm at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Peakhurst.  Each year World Day of Prayer focusses on a different country and its needs.  All are welcome to join with our local churches to pray this year for the people of Slovenia.

Take church to the elderly this (or next) Christmas.

Conversations with John Anderson: Featuring Dr. Jennifer Oriel, Columnist at The Australian

Franklin Graham breaks new ground in Australia.   Sydney event: Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th February 7.30pm at the International Convention Centre – Theatre.  Read more.

UK Children’s ministry is failing through lack of prayer

DVD of the Week: 

The Better Hour – The legacy of William Wilberforce.  The story of a man who, inspired by faith, used his political and social influence to change the world for the better.  At the beginning of the 19th century, almost a third of the British economy depended on the trade in human beings.   William Wilberforce was determined to end this horrific practice.  With the help of a “circle of friends,” and sheer force of will, Wilberforce finally persuaded both Parliament and British society to abolish slavery in the British Empire.  Wilberforce’s inspiring story reveals that political life, if built on strength of character rather than expediency, can achieve works of lasting greatness for all of us.

The man who built Camelot in Queensland

The heart of faith that will help Australia’s next Governor General.

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The Church Directory is being updated.  In the foyer you may find an envelope with your name on it.  Inside there is a letter explaining that we are updating our Church Directory and inviting you to check and/or update your information.  If you can’t find an envelope with you name on it, please take a blank envelope and complete your details.  When the form contains your correct details, please sign that you agree to have your information included in the Church Directory.  Please then put your form back in the envelope and hand it to Beryl (0405 686 109) or Lawrie (0404 354 291) Bool or to one of the stewards.    PLEASE DO IT TODAY SO THAT WE CAN COMPILE THE DIRECTORY!

A time to be still.

We cannot let the aggressive secularists drive out religion – Australian Prayer Network.

Male, female electrical plugs banned