LPUC eNews – Sunday 23 February 2020

Transfiguration Sunday Matthew 17:1-9   “Listen to Him” It is Transfiguration Sunday. The day in the Christian Calendar when the Lectionary takes one of the three gospel readings about Jesus appearing in his glory before some of his disciples. After Jesus feeds 5, 000 (Matt Ch14) then 4, 000 (Ch15) he asks his disciples who people think he is (Ch16.) They reply that some people think he’s John the Baptist, others that he’s Elijah or some other prophet, and then Jesus asks his disciples who they think he is. Peter answers him that He is the Messiah, the Son of the living God. Then follows the first time we see Jesus predict his death. Followed by telling the disciples that, if they want to be his disciples, they must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow him. So, about a week later, Jesus takes his close circle of three, Peter, James and John, for a mountain-top experience. (Matt 17:1-9.) On the mountain, these three see Jesus face change shape and he appears all dazzling white talking with Moses and Elijah, who represent for Israel The Law and The Prophets. The episode is reminiscent of Moses returning down the mountain, with his face radiant, after encountering God; of the cloud which led the Israelites to the Promised Land; and of Jesus’ baptism where God spoke, saying Jesus was his son. At his transfiguration, God added, “Listen to Him.” … … Alan Findlay

Hope returning after bushfires in Australia – Samaritan’s Purse

Messy Church – on THIS SUNDAY – 23rd February – 4.00pm to 6.00pm games, crafts, story and a meal.  Come and join in the fun!

What does it mean to be God’s witnesses? – The Bible Project  In the Bible, the word “witness” is used to describe both a person and an action – someone who sees something and then talks about what they’ve seen.  Similar to today, this word is used in both legal settings and to describe an experience with God.  But what’s most interesting about the word witness is how it illuminates the story of scripture, especially the role of the people of God.  In this video, we explore how this word contributes to the overarching story of the Bible.

The miracle crop that saved our farm – Eternity News

Jesus the Game Changer – Commencing in March and for the following six weeks concluding just before Easter, we will all join together to consider how Jesus was a “Game Changer”.  The episodes in this series that we will be looking at are: “Jesus”, “Equality”, “Women and Children”, “Care”, “Leadership” and “Forgiveness”.

Each Sunday the sermon will focus on one of the topics.  During the week this will be followed up by a church wide Bible study which will be held each Thursday in the worship area of the church from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.  The format for Thursday nights will involve watching a 30-minute video and then a discussion around that week’s topic.  With the Thursday sessions finishing at 8.30pm, it won’t be a late night.  On-site childcare will also be provided each week.  The Sunday children’s group activities will also follow this series.  There will be a sheet in the foyer where you can indicate that you are planning to come on Thursday nights.  The discussion questions for each topic are available as a ‘smart device’ app which can be downloaded for both IOS and Android.  Discussion books will also be available on the night.  If you need transport or have any other needs or questions, please contact Lawrie on 0404 354 291 or lawrie.bool@gmail.com

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Trump and Pelsoi urged to follow the teachings of Jesus – Australian Prayer Network

Migrant underclass: arriving with dreams, ending in chains – Australian Prayer Network

DVD/Book Of The Week

Little Women  New generation, same sisters.  From girls playing in the attic to women living with purpose, the March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – are committed to always supporting each other.  Yet growing up sometimes means growing apart.  When tragedy brings the sisters back home, sticking together takes on new meaning.  Little Women – starring Lea Thompson – brings the same sisters to a new generation to celebrate dreams, family and unconditional love.

Religious bill blurs church and State roles – Australian Prayer Network

John Anderson in conversation with Tim Dixon.  Tim iss a social entrepreneur who has started businesses and non-profits in the US, the UK and Australia, where he was born. He trained as an economist, worked as a tech sector lawyer and built a leading educational publishing business that was acquired by Pearson Australia in 2004.  From 2004 to 2010 he worked in senior political roles, including as economic adviser and chief speechwriter for two Labor Prime Ministers.  He has lived and worked between New York and London for the past decade, as the founder of a diverse range of social change organisations, including More in Common, which seeks to address the underlying drivers of fracturing and polarisation in our politics and societies.

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High profile UK MP defends Franklin Graham tour – FamilyVoice Australia