LPUC eNews – Sunday 22 July 2018

Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.



John 1:43-51, Come and See

Today’s text is a quit essential evangelism and mission text.  First, Jesus said to Philip, “Follow me,” and he did!  This is remarkable.  What Jesus said was much simpler and, in a way, more difficult.  Jesus asks Philip to come and live with him.  And so Phillip told Nathanael, based on that perception, “Come to Jesus and believe him.”  I guess at that stage, he didn’t fully understand who Jesus was.  However, he convinced himself to trust in Jesus and obey his invitation ‘follow me.’

What was response from Nathanael?  For the first time in chapter 1, testimony to Jesus is met with resistance (vs 46).  Philip does not argue with Nathanael.  Instead, he extends the same invitation to Nathanael, “Come and see” that Jesus extended to his first disciples in verse 39 “Come and you will see”.  Philip invites Nathanael to see for himself that the fulfilment of Scripture is indeed occurring in this son of Joseph from Nazareth.

Jesus ends the Gospel for this Sunday with this image, “Very truly, I tell you, you will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.” What Jesus says is that all Christians who are disciples, who spend time with Jesus doing mission and ministry, have stories of signs and wonders; we will see the Kingdom of Heaven, we will see the mystery of God and we will see the Providence of God.

As we come and see, and receive Jesus into our lives and remain with Him we will be changed.  We will forget about our own troubles and instead long to help others to experience the love and wisdom and power of Jesus Christ firsthand.  Not only through us, but as they receive Him into their hearts and they too burn with fire to call others to come and see.  IL-WOONG.

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DVDs of the Week:

15:17 to Paris.  On 21st August 2015, the world was transfixed by reports of a thwarted terrorist attack on Thalys train #9364 bound for Paris – an attempt prevented by three courageous young Americans.  Director Clint Eastwood follows the course of these friends’ lives, from childhood through the unlikely events leading up to the attack.  Their bond becomes their greatest weapon throughout the harrowing ordeal, allowing them to save the lives of 500+ passengers.  Experience the extraordinary bravery of these men – who are portrayed here by the actual heroes themselves.

Pilgrim’s Progress – Journey to Heaven.   A modern adaption of John Bunyan’s classic tale.  Amazing visual effects, beautiful locations and a wonderful cast bring to life the story that has inspired each generation for hundreds of years.  Follow Christian and his companions on the great journey from the City of Destruction to the gates of Heaven.  Along the way, the pilgrims face obstacles large and small, man-made and demon-spawned.  Beyond the gripping drama, Bunyan’s powerful allegory teaches us the hazards and hopes of the Christian life, and the triumph and glory that awaits all who faithfully follow the King of Kings!

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