LPUC eNews – Sunday 2 February 2019

Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus

Jeremiah 1:4-10 & Luke 4: 14-30,

Different Responses to God’s Call

In the Bible, there are a number of people who unexpectedly received God’s call to some particular jobs.  Some of them accepted His call bravely at once whereas others asked the “why me” question. Jeremiah is one of them.  He did not feel ready to do what God wanted (vs. 6).  The prophets, like us, are often reluctant to be confident to trust and have faith in God’s call.  Our challenge is to remember what God told Jeremiah – that God had given him everything he needed and God would be with him helping him know what to do and say (vs. 8-10).

This week’s gospel reveals a different response to God’s Call.  What we find, first of all, is that Jesus just felt a definite calling from God.  He was ready to fulfil his calling.  It was Jesus immersing himself in scriptures that allowed him to be able to project a vision of hope – There will be a time when the poor hear the gospel, when the prisoners are released, when the captives are set free, when they who are spiritually and physically blind, are able to see and God’s grace.  This was the great vision that he called them to hear what their lives could be.  Jesus knew the way things were and so do we when we open our eyes.

Where are you in the text today?  Are you one of those who are asking the “Why me?” question – or are you one of the others saying, “Yes, I am willing to do whatever tasks given. I want to follow you, Lord”?  They were all there and we are all here.  Where are you today?  The good news is that Jesus comes to us and calls us to go with him – to walk with him, to follow him, to become servants, fishers and followers, witnesses, to become more than we are.  IL-WOONG.

A New Year’s resolution: thou shalt have fun.

Our first Congregational Fellowship Lunch for the year will be held this Sunday 3rd February, after our inter-generational service. If you can, would you please bring a small plate of food to share.

A clean slate.

Mainly Music recommences Monday 4th February.  See details

Why I want hot cross buns for Christmas

“Timeout” is an opportunity for women of all ages to take time out and come together for Christian fellowship and friendship; to take time out to learn together, to share mutual interests and to grow through hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please join us as we start off the year with breakfast together at Bitton which promises us “five-star gourmet at café prices”.  RSVP to Annette  9584 2533  See details

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Book of the Week: 

Jesus The Game Changer – The Book of The Series.  Where did the Western civilisation come from: our values, culture, medicine, science, law, politics and wealth?  From the great empires of the ancient world?  Or from one young man in a dusty outpost of Rome who taught in ways no one had heard before, who healed the broken and reached out to the marginalised, whose life reflected a new way of seeing the world and who was killed as a common criminal.  Featuring beautiful mages and production notes from the award-winning documentary series, Jesus the Game Changer traces the astonishing and undeniable path of Jesus from Nazareth to now, bringing us to the overwhelming conclusion that Jesus is the most influential Game Changer in human history.

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All things new.

Christian Women’s Convention 2019 “Anchored in Jesus” – @ Stanwell Tops 8-10 March – contact Denise McKay 9584 0464.

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World Day of Prayer – Friday 1st March, 1.30pm at Our Lady of Fatima, Peakhurst – country of focus is Slovenia.

New Year’s Confessions.

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