LPUC eNews – Sunday 18 November 2018

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Genesis 28:10-22, Man’s Extremity is God’s Opportunity

In the Bible there are stories of pain and suffering.  For example, in Joseph life, there was one foul-up after another.  It was started that he was sold as a slave by his own brothers, then; he was accused of a rapist and went to jail; David was even anointed as a king of Israel but he had to keep away from King Saul to save his own life for about 10 years; Moses had to flee from Pharaoh and stay in the wilderness in Midian for 40 years with incapability; In Babylon, Daniel’s opposite sides were always scheming his downfall; I guess I do not need to tell you about Job’s pains.

The Bible is full stories of pain and suffering yet in God, every pain and suffering were identified, recovered and healed.  We can find that in today’s Bible passage from Genesis 28:10-22, ‘Jacob’s dream at Bethel.’  Jacob had to leave his parents and home town because of his brother’s revenge.  His frustration was getting bigger on the way to his uncle Laban. Until this time, there had seemed to be no way out of trouble for Jacob.  But now God had opened heaven to him.  What a wonderful assurance Jacob was given.

God can turn your hard place into a Bethel, a holy place, if you will let him.  If you are stuck at a hard place God can create a ladder to heaven.   And as with Jacob, God will take the hard times of your life and turn them into blessings. A hard place of suffering and pain is really a place to shine, a chance to draw closer to Christ in obedience to His will.  Let Him bring out the best in you so that you can give it to others and you can be a blessing when everyone else is burdened.  IL-WOONG.

Messy Church this Sunday 18th November 4pm to 6pm – Let’s Celebrate.

Put your mind at rest.

Clement’s date for Christ’s birth.

Church Council Nominations — 2018/2: Following the close of nominations on Sunday 21 October 2018 for the three (3) vacancies on the Church Council, two (2) people listed below have accepted nomination. The nominees, together with their terms, are:


Term (Years)

Alison Kell


Robert Kell


Voting will continue today before and after Sunday Morning Church (SMC) and Messy Church and will conclude after the Mid-Week service on Wednesday 21 November 2018. Members are reminded that a nominee requires a majority of the total votes cast, by those participating in the ballot, to be elected to Council. The successful councillors will be announced at the Annual General Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday 25 November 2018 and their terms will commence on 1 January 2019.

Keith McLeod
Returning Officer

Dunkirk evacuation and the Christian connection.

I’m not surprised that Muhammad rejected Jesus’ story: following him is humiliating.

God wants you to feel awkward.

Book of the Week: 

Unexpected by Christine Caine.    What if the unexpected shocks, stressors, and uncertainties in life lost their power to surprise us? What if, instead, we learned to anticipate them, and use them as an opportunity to experience more of the goodness of God?  Every one of us is guaranteed to experience the unexpected.  But when the un predictable shakes our faith, we trade our hope for fear, and end up living a smaller version of the grand story God wrote for us.  Is it possible to not only expect the unexpected, but even embrace it?

Fyodor Dostoevsky: More than a novelist.

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Man arrested for reading the Bible at St Paul’s London.