LPUC eNews – Sunday 18 August 2019

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Hebrews 11:29-12:2, Running the race of faith

In the text, the author of Hebrews starts telling us about people who have finished their races by faith. We read about the parting of the Red Sea. It took the faith of one man, Moses, for a miracle to happen. We read the story of Jericho. The walls immediately fell down and the city was taken, when people followed what God commended them to do. It was possible because Joshua never hesitated to follow God’s lead. He simply believed and did what he was told.

The scriptures are filled with stories that point to the role of faith in turning impossible situations around. No one would choose these trials, but each time the person put their faith in God, they came out reflecting the almighty power of God and his faithfulness to those who trust him.

The Christian life is more like a marathon than a 100-metre dash. It is about enduring; it is about keeping on going when the going is hard; it is about being determined to finish the race and claim the prize, even when that possibility seems a long way off. In our distance race, we are called to strive for a deeper level for our faith, to pace ourselves, not to give up, and to run with all that we have.

The author of Hebrews assures us that we do not run this race alone. We have help and inspiration from the heroes of the faith that stands and cheers for us to keep going. Not only that but we have Jesus, the pioneer of our faith, who has gone through the temptations and trials that we face. Jesus has run the race of perseverance.

If you feel tired, low, wanting to drop out or something that may weigh you down in the run, look up and see Jesus who has run this race before. He is leading the way. If we look to him, we can keep putting one foot in front of the other. Amen.  IL-WOONG.

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