LPUC eNews – Sunday 16 December 2018

Isaiah 61:1-11, John 1: 6-8, 19-28, To bear witness to Christ!

We may surprise how popular John the Baptist was in his own time, and also his significant role in the story of the first Christmas. Mark tells us, “all the people of the Judean countryside and everyone in Jerusalem went out to him in the desert and received his baptism in the river Jordan, publicly confessing their sins.” (Mark 1:5) John the Baptist, in spite of his own popularity, sought to direct attention not to himself but to Jesus. His goal, his greatest desire was not to draw attention to himself but to glorify Jesus.

John the Baptist was also an enormously courageous man. If we look at the ending to his life we can find that it was tragic. He offended the royal family of his day by confronting them with their sins and he was beheaded. He was a preacher of righteousness and he would not betray his convictions. He knew what it was to sacrifice everything in answer to God’s call.

John the Baptist was to bear witness to the light. On the banks of the Jordan he proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was at hand. When he saw Jesus he declared, “Behold the Lamb of God.” The only way to truly glorify God is to glorify him where we live, work and play. Certainly John did that. He did it in his preaching and in his life.

Then we may ask a question: How could we be courageous and to bear witness to Christ? I believe that it is possible with God’s help because God’s power and grace will help us be the people the Lord wants us to be.  IL-WOONG.

Messy Church – Let’s Celebrate Christmas!  Sunday 16 December – 4pm to 6pm – fun, craft, games, stories, dinner.

The thrill of hope

The really good news of Christmas – for me!

The great Christmas awakening

Carols by Streetlight will be held on Tuesday 18th December at 7pm.  We will walk around local streets stopping at various points to sing several carols before moving on to the next location.  Here is an opportunity to express the joy of Christmas to our local community.  Please choose to be involved even if you don’t think that you sing very well.  You will provide much needed volume.

Carols by Streetlight is a community activity and everyone is welcome to be involved however people will need to come to the practice session in order to become familiar with the songs and especially the tunes.

Printed copies of the carols and CDs of the music will be available in the library for you to take and practice.  The music and lyrics can also be accessed and downloaded from Dropbox.

For any inquiries please contact Lawrie on 0404 354 291  lawrie.bool@gmail.com

All over the world Christmas is much bigger than Easter.

“Naughty and Nice”Vox Pop

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DVD of the Week: 

The Stray – a true story.  The Stray tells the true story of a dog who saves a struggling family in more ways than one.  “Pluto” comes out of nowhere and quickly makes himself at home with the Davis family, who are on the brink of falling apart.  The last thing they need is another mouth to feed.  Or is it? In just a short time, Pluto the “wonderdog” manages to save a lost toddler, bring comfort and companionship to a hurting 9-year-old boy, help restore a marriage and repair a broken father-son relationship.  Pluto is not only a guard dog – he’s a guardian angel.  Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places.  Sometimes our prayers get answered in strange ways.  Sometimes on dog can change everything. 

God with us.

Call for daily prayer over issues facing our nation.

What is Christmas: understand the history and origin.    

Carpark Carols:  This year our Carpark Carols evening will be on Sunday 23rd December from 5.30pm.  As this is one of the major outreach events that we have with our local community, any help that you are able to give would be very much appreciated.  Please see the sign-up sheet in the foyer for the different areas in which help is needed.

Also we will hand out gift bags at the carols so we are asking for donations of packets of lollies as we did last year.  A container will be in the kitchen for your donations and a team will put the bags together before the event.

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