LPUC eNews – Sunday 14 April 2019

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Luke 19:28-41, The Palms or the Passion

Today is Palm Sunday and also, so called, Passion Sunday according to Revised Common Lectionary.  Should we celebrate this Palm Sunday or should we weep because of the Passion of Jesus?  I was wondering how Jesus felt on this day: whether he felt like celebrating or weeping.  Were the palms or was the passion most on His mind?

In today’s Gospel reading, we see the whole city of Jerusalem adoring Jesus.  The city had Jesus fever.  He was the talk of the town.  However, what is strange about Palm Sunday is how quickly the parade of Jesus the King turns into the anguish of Jesus as He carries His cross to the hill of Calvary.  How quickly the crowd’s shouts change from “Hosanna” to “Crucify Him”.  Jesus knew that they expected something that He was not, a military leader to help them break loose of the Roman Empire.

So, to make His point clear, Jesus picked a colt of a donkey.  No man of war would pick such an animal.  Jesus wanted to show the people that He was a man of peace. Jesus called Palm Sunday “this your day”.  It was a special day meant for the peace of Jerusalem.  You see this was the day that the whole Old Testament points too, the day of the long promised Messiah.  For you see, God had foretold about this day long before.  Even in the psalm that the people were chanting, David says, “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  I think that God showed David a vision of Jesus, perhaps on this very day entering into Jerusalem. (Psalm 118: 19-26)

Where do you stand on this Palm Sunday?  Do you praise Jesus because you long for His victory and blessing, or do you give your hearts to Him even His way is not the way you may have expected to follow?  The Lord has made a day for each of us.  Just as clearly as the Messiah was written of as coming for the Jews, we know that Jesus is coming again.  And on that day, those who believe will encounter with him.  IL-WOONG.

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RECYCLE for OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD:  Thanks to all the people who are bringing in the eligible drink containers to be recycled to raise funds and offset the cost of sending the Operation Christmas Child gift boxes overseas.  If you are unsure which container is eligible it should be marked clearly on the side of the container.  Please do not crush the containers.  Please place the cans/bottles in the bins provided in the carport area at the side of the church or leave them to be sorted.  If you would like your containers to be picked up, please ring Dennis on 0419 018 411.

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