LPUC eNews – Sunday 1 March 2020

Jesus the Game Changer: Jesus1 Corinthians 15:1-11.  Over the next six weeks we are going to study ‘Jesus the Game Changer’ as Church Wide Sermon Series and we are going to look at the depth and breadth of influence Jesus had on western civilisation.

In fact, there have been lots of research about the most influential person in human history, and the outcome of their research was that the most influential person to have ever lived was Jesus of Nazareth. However, it is strange because Jesus was crucified on a cross and died in complete humiliation and insignificance. It seemed that there was a clear sign that Jesus was nothing. Yet today, people are still talking about him.

Today we are going to look at four key issues to consider when thinking about the person of Jesus, and His influence. Firstly, Jesus was a person in history; Secondly, what we know of Jesus was from those who wanted to write His story: Thirdly, those who followed Jesus gave their lives for what they believed, Fourthly, Jesus did not start an ideological movement to change society, He changed lives one person at a time.

I believe that God will do what He wants to do in our life and the life of our church through this Study. It is exciting but we may wait and see God’s works to transform our life and the life of others. Jesus was and is a game changer, and what Jesus wants to do is to change your life when you are ready.  IL-WOONG.

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Jesus the Game Changer – Commencing this Sunday for six weeks concluding just before Easter.  Each Sunday the sermon will focus on one of the topics:  “Jesus”, “Equality”, “Women and Children”, “Care”, “Leadership” and “Forgiveness”.    Followed up by group discussion study each Thursday in the worship area of the church from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.  There is a sheet in the foyer where you can indicate that you are planning to come on Thursday nights.  If you need transport or have any other needs or questions, please contact Lawrie on 0404 354 291 or lawrie.bool@gmail.com

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 Jesus The Game Changer – The Book of The Series. Where did the Western civilisation come from: our values, culture, medicine, science, law, politics and wealth?  From the great empires of the ancient world?  Or from one young man in a dusty outpost of Rome who taught in ways no one had heard before, who healed the broken and reached out to the marginalised, whose life reflected a new way of seeing the world and who was killed as a common criminal.  Featuring beautiful mages and production notes from the award-winning documentary series, Jesus the Game Changer traces the astonishing and undeniable path of Jesus from Nazareth to now, bringing us to the overwhelming conclusion that Jesus is the most influential Game Changer in human history.

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