Jesus’ Ultimate Concern

LPUC eNews – Sunday 7 March 2021

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John 2:13-22

Jesus’ ultimate concern

Today’s story took place when Jesus made a trip to Jerusalem for Passover.  Passover is one of the largest holidays of the Jewish faith, remembering and celebrating the Exodus of the slaves out of Egypt with Moses, centuries earlier.  Every faithful Jew who was capable was supposed to travel to Jerusalem and present an offering at the temple.  By presenting their offering they not only received forgiveness for all of their sins but they were also demonstrating their loyal obedience as a faithful Jew.  So Jews travelled from all over the world to be at the temple on Passover, and that included Jesus and his followers.   

What we can find from the text is that Jesus got angry and cleaned the temple courts.  In fact, there were two specific things about the Temple scene made Jesus so angry that he went into action.  The first was that the Temple had been divided into sections for different types of worshippers.  The Jews got the best section.  The foreigners got the section furthest from the altar.  I guess you can think of what happened in the past history of western churches.  For example, there used to be so called a slave balcony and slave doors in an old Southern Baptist church in the States. 

To make matters worse, Temple leaders had allowed business people to set up booths in the foreigners’ section to sell animals for offering and exchange foreign currency because the Temple leaders had decided that only a certain money could be put in the offering boxes at the Temple – all of them were really disrupting the foreigners their ability to pray in peace, and made Jesus so angry.  Actually, Jesus’ actions were not so much as wildly angry, but brave and courageous.  Jesus wanted people of all nations to be accepted as children of God, and also included to worship God properly, rightly in the temple.  Jesus’ ultimate concern to clean the temple was to follow the one rule: “This one commandment I give to you: love one another.”  IL-WOONG.

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