Jesus prays in a solitary place

LPUC eNews – Sunday 7 February 2021

Mark 1:29-39

Our Gospel lesson this week tell the events of one day in the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.  Look at all he accomplished!  For Jesus this was one long, full day that was filled with much busyness.  In the Sabbath morning Jesus went into the synagogue and taught (vs 21).  During the service, he healed a man who had an unclean spirit (vs 23-26).  After he left the synagogue, he went to Simon Peter’s house and there he healed Simon’s mother-in-law (vs 29-31).  Then in the evening, the people of Capernaum brought to Jesus all who were sick and he healed them (vs 32).  

After such a hard day’s work, a person would certainly be exhausted.  As this passage reads, we would sense that Jesus hardly had any time to even catch his breath.  His preaching and healings continue to increase Jesus’ reputation until he cannot be alone, even in the “deserted regions.”  However, he withdraws to pray there before leaving Capernaum to engage in preaching throughout Galilee (v. 35). 

Why did Jesus want to leave the place where so many people were waiting for him to touch them so they might be healed, to drive out demons so they might be freed? 

In the midst of the busy-ness of His ministry, Jesus went out to a deserted place, a place of solitude, a place to be alone, and He prayed.  He spent time with God; revitalising, refreshing his spirit; and reconnecting and communicating with the ultimate source of power in his life and ministry, God. 

Is this what your prayer life looks like?  For many of us, the deserted place describes our personal prayer life.  A time of solitude, prayer can be a real balancing pole in our lives.  Without prayer we can so very easily fall off the high wire of life and very seriously injure ourselves on our spiritual journey.  So… all of us really need a place where we could encounter with God, and take time to reflect and to become more aware of just who we are in God’s eyes.  This is the key to living-out a human lifetime that is filled with purpose and meaning and satisfaction. IL-WONG.

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