“Jesus’ Experience in the Wilderness”

LPUC eNews – Sunday 21 February 2021

Bible readings: Genesis 9:12-17 and Mark 1:9-13 

Theme: Jesus’ experience in the wilderness

We begin a new season in the church year called Lent.  Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter (like Advent before Christmas).  In Western Christianity, Ash Wednesday (17th February this year) marks the first day of Lent, which begins 40 days prior to Easter (but notice that Sundays are not included in the count so there are 46 days in total from Ash Wednesday before Easter Sunday).  

Lent is a time to think about God, Jesus Christ and learn more about what it means to follow in God’s ways.  Lent is also a time of journeying with Jesus towards Jerusalem but also deep within ourselves to teat and strengthen our faith.  The journey may bring experiences that stretch and challenge, or times that frustrate and make us stumble.   There are always choices to be made. 

Today we’re talking about temptation – but not just temptation.  We’re focusing on Jesus’ temptation experience as a whole, and there are three movements in that story which gives our attention.  See verses 12 and 13.  One, “At once the Spirit sent him into the wilderness.  Two, “And he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted by Satan.”  Three, “He was with the wild animals and angels attended him. 

The wilderness is as much a part of the landscape of the Christian life as is the Jordan river.  If anyone who experiences God’s call experiences the wilderness.  Being led by the Spirit into the wilderness is that life for the Christian is a spiritual journey. 

Jesus passed through his temptation experience to show us that we have a Saviour who not only loves us, but who loves us as one who knows us, who lived our life, who faced what we face, yet overcame those temptations.  And Jesus’ temptation experience can be ours.   

Jesus would be tempted on all sides, but God also sent his ministering angels to support him in resisting the evil.  Jesus was not left to fight his battle alone, and neither are we.  What we need to remember is that angels will minster us.  God keeps on ministering to us.  So be bold and firm in your journey because God will be with you always.  He will guide and lead you all the way to the Promised end. Amen. IL-WOONG.

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