Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King

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LPUC eNews – Sunday 28 March 2021

Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King

Bible reading: Mark 11:1-11

At the start of Passover, Jesus rides into the city of Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey.  Large crowds gather around and follow him.  People spread cloaks on the road; others spread leafy branches cut from the fields. The people shouted “Hosanna,” which means “save us.”  The crowds with Jesus were not people who traditionally held power in society.  They were part of a marginal religious group that was led by an unusual leader.  While this was a seemingly simple procession, one way of describing this processional is as a counter-protest that resisted the status quo; it was likely a more complex challenge to political power against Roman Empire that ruled over Israel in those days.

In fact, Passover is a time when the people remembered protesting and challenging authority under the Pharaoh of Egypt, and when God saved the people from oppression.

•       What is the significance of Jesus’ procession and Pilate’s procession during Passover?

The crowds that create a parade of honour for Jesus as he enters Jerusalem call out for salvation.  In their understanding of how the world worked, this had to come from a king.  But Jesus is not royal in this sense. His salvation comes without glitz and glamour, without decrees and the need for subservience.

Although they are looking to the right person, the crowd is looking for the wrong thing.

Imagine you were in the crowd that day as Jesus entered Jerusalem.

•       How would you have felt?

•       When are we like the crowd, looking for salvation in places that are not going to bring about any kind of deliverance?

Let us reflect on these questions today… IL-WOONG.

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