God’s Rescue Mission

LPUC eNews – Sunday 19 December 2021

You are welcome to worship in person this Sunday at 10.15am.  There are now no specific COVID related requirements other than checking in via our QR  code or with the person at the front door.  Hand sanitizer and masks are still available.

We are also live streaming of our services.  The service can be seen each Sunday morning commencing at 10.15am.  Here is the link to our YouTube channel to access the live streaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHEm1fJeADpcP6gO1BsBKcg 

We will be holding Carols in the Carpark this Sunday.  The free BBQ, jumping castle and other activities start at 6.00pm w“ith the Carols starting at 6.45pm.  All welcome. 

Isaiah 61: 1-4, 8-11, God’s Rescue Mission  

The Lord comes to give good news to the oppressed; to bind up the broken-hearted; to proclaim liberty to captives and release to prisoners; in other words, God comes to release the Hebrews from their bondage of exile. In fact, God continued to rescue them over the centuries. Ultimately, God sent Jesus to save people from their slavery to sin and the law. As a part of God’s Rescue Mission, Jesus came to save us from fear, our problems, and eternal death.  Why did Jesus do that?  Because God so loved the world; because God so loves you and me, He carries on His Rescue Mission through His Son, Jesus Christ.  

As we continue to walk this Advent journey, as we await the coming of Jesus into our lives, let us follow his actions and die to self so others may live. Let us help others know Christ and through our actions find eternal life, God’s promise to all who believe. Let us invite our family and friends at Christmas services and share the real meaning of Christmas with them at the table. That would be simple steps you may take in this Advent journey.  IL-WOONG.

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Library: If you’d like to share what you’re reading/watching or request a resource from the library, send an email to Naomi.Feigl@gmail.com and Lawrie.Bool@gmail.com

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Religious Discrimination Bill

As you may know, the Religious Discrimination Bill is now going to two inquiries before parliamentary debate resumes in February.

One of the committees has created an online survey to allow members of the public to express their views on the religious discrimination legislative package by 21 December.

Please take a few moments now to complete these 10 questions.

There is strong opposition to the bill from activists so it’s critically important for Christians to speak up!  

The questions are quite simple to answer. You can provide a YES/NO answer with no further comment if you like. But this is a good opportunity to say that religious people should be free to speak and act according to their faith in public. 

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