God Guides Us

LPUC eNews – Sunday 25 April 2021

In person worship – 10.15am this Sunday.

Everyone needs to register their intent to be present each Sunday with Beryl Bool (home phone 9759 4201, mobile 0405 686 109 or email beryl.bool01@gmail.com). 

Psalm 23 & John 10:11-18, God Guides Us 

Today is the fourth Sunday of Easter and each year the scripture readings include the twenty-third Psalm and a reading from John 10, describing Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Today we are going to learn what impact we may have if we are a part of His flock.  

God will guide us, when we need direction (Psalm 23:2). When we allow the Lord to become our shepherd, we can read His word for guidance, we can actually talk to Him and ask Him for direction and He promises that He will lead us where He wants us to go and where we need to go. 

God will guard us when we face difficulty. Jesus says four times in the text that He “lays down His life for the sheep” in verse 11, 15, 17 and 18 and that is why He is not just a shepherd, but He is the good shepherd. If we are in His flock and He is our shepherd, there is no need to worry because He is the good shepherd. 

God will get us to our final destination. Jesus was talking about His role as the shepherd and our role as the sheep later in the chapter (vs. 27-29). If we are in His flock and He is our shepherd, we matter to Him and there is no need to worry because He is the good shepherd who will guide and lead us all the way to your final destination.  

Remember, Jesus is the Way of salvation; He is the Truth that endures forever; and He is the Life that does not end. Jesus will give you the security of knowing where you are going, what you believe, and what you will be at last. Amen. IL-WOONG.

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