For God so loved the world

LPUC eNews – Sunday 14 March 2021

In person worship – 10.15am this Sunday.

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Bible reading John 3:14-21

‘For God So Loved the World’

Today is the fourth Sunday of Lent and we get to examine Nicodemus’ meeting with Jesus. In order to get the full gist of that meeting we need to look at the first 13 verses of John 3. In verse 2 we are told that Nicodemus sought out Jesus at night. This in itself may seem very strange as Nicodemus was a Pharisee. Nicodemus was also a member of the Sanhedrin. This group was the most powerful religious and political body of the Jewish people, including the decision to request Pilate to send Him to be crucified. It is apparent though that Nicodemus was one of the few religious leaders, who believed in Jesus and later joined with Joseph of Arimathea to assist him in burying Jesus’ crucified body.

Jesus then tells him that he must be born again otherwise he will never see the kingdom of God. Jesus then spoke about the Old Testament incident about the bronze snake on a pole to illustrate how the new birth takes place. The bronze snake represents Jesus and bronze in the Bible represents judgment. The pole represents the Cross on which Jesus was lifted up and crucified. The death of Jesus on the Cross was the ultimate sacrifice by God for the redemption of humankind and demonstrates God’s love for us more than any other event or action in Scripture. Likewise John 3: 16 is probably the most important and complete verse in Scripture.

I have borrowed some words on God’s love from A. W. Tozer and Arthur W. Pink. ‘When we say God is love, I believe it means that God is the summation of all love, so that all love comes from God. We might say that God can do nothing except He does it in love. Nothing God ever does, or ever did, or ever will do, is done separate from His love. The love of God is eternal, it never began to be and it can never end. It can never change and there is no boundary to it.’

‘God is love. It is not simply that God loves, but that He is love itself. Love is not merely one of His attributes, but His very nature. The better we are acquainted with His love, the more will our hearts be drawn out in love for Him? Scripture tells us that we love God because He first loved us. One thing we have to realise is God’s love for you and I was entirely unmoved by anything in us. What was there in us to attract the heart of God? Absolutely nothing!!! I trust as we look at today’s passage we will come to a better understanding of what God did for us in Jesus.’ Keith

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