World Day of Prayer – Praying with Zimbabwe

World Day of Prayer is a global ecumenical movement led by Christian women who welcome men and women to join in prayer and action for peace and justice. It is observed on the first day of March each year.

The country of focus this year is Zimbabwe, a landlocked country of 16 million people in the southern part of Africa. Christianity is the major religion, observed by more than 80 percent of the population.

Come along to our local service for World Day of Prayer at St Matthews Uniting Church (Whitegates Ave. South Peakhurst) next Friday 6th March, starting at 1.30pm and followed by afternoon tea.

Join with people in over 150 countries around the world, in 88 different languages, to pray to God for Zimbabwe using the prayers and thoughts that the people of Zimbabwe have sent to us. In Australia there will be about 960 services held.

World Day of Prayer has a motto: Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action. Let’s be informed, pray and act on 6th March and in the days ahead on behalf of Zimbabwe and Australia.