Do Not Doubt But Believe

LPUC eNews – Sunday 11 April 2021

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John 20:19-31Do Not Doubt But Believe 

In today’s gospel, the Easter story continues – not only a story of an empty tomb but also a story of a resurrected Lord who returns to his disciples.  And Christ continues to teach his disciples and give them work to do in the world.  

In the text, we find Thomas who refused to believe that Jesus appeared to disciples on that first Easter day while he was absent.  I guess we can understand the way Thomas must have felt.  He hadn’t been there.  He had missed out.  For him, the darkness of night still filled his heart.  For him, life was still hopeless.  His hopes had died with Jesus.  For him, the future was still unsure.  For he had yet to meet the Risen Lord, and because of that, doubt filled his heart. 

When doubts and questionings cloud our vision, when troubles and difficulties close our eyes to the goodness of God, we need to move closer to our Saviour.  We need to draw more deeply into worship, spend more time in Scripture reading and prayer, and reach out more strongly to our brothers and sisters in the faith. 

Mature faith, faith that serves us for a lifetime, is not a faith that has never experienced doubts.  Rather it is faith that constantly searches and seeks, faith always on the lookout for Jesus, faith that trusts that even when the worst has happened, there in the middle of it stands Jesus.      

Jesus knew that was the kind of faith we need.  That’s why he said, “Peace be with you.  Do not doubt, but believe.  Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  That’s his promise for us – blessed are you and I, for in believing we have life in his name. Amen.    IL-WOONG.

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