Because He Lives

LPUC eNews – Sunday 4 April 2021

In person worship – 10.15am this Sunday.

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John 20:1-18, Because He Lives 

On Good Friday, we reflected on why Jesus suffered.  Good Friday is a day to remember and reflect on the price that was paid by Jesus.  There is nothing we can add to it.  Jesus suffered and died on that first Good Friday.  He did it all for our salvation.  However, on the first day of Easter, the Crucified Jesus conquered the death, has risen from the dead and shows up to people!  So, today we are going to reflect on what God is saying to us through the Easter story.      

On the first day of Easter, the first word Jesus said to Mary at his tomb was, “Woman, why are you crying?  Who are you looking for?” (John 20:15)  Perhaps Mary cried in order to nurture her grief, to make herself recall the bitter events of the last few days, Jesus’ trial and execution.  Maybe she was crying tears of regret and self-blame, rebuking herself for not doing more than she did.  Mary may also have been crying for the world, even as she cried for herself and Jesus.  Maybe she sensed that the Light of the world had gone out on Calvary’s hill, the Light which could have guided people and nations on the paths of peace. 

However, when Mary encountered with the risen Christ, suddenly her bottomless grief turned to joy; her tears of disconsolation became shouts of exultation; suddenly everything was changed and nothing would ever be the same again, not for her and not for the world.        

 Therefore, as we read the story, we experience joys and sorrows, we are afraid and amused.  This is what Easter has done for us.  Because Jesus lives, the past is no longer a burden and the future is now a promise.  Because He lives, we can surely face tomorrow no matter what may come our way today.  Alleluia, Christ is Risen!   IL-WOONG.

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