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LPUC eNews – Sunday 10 May 2020Mother’s Day

Psalm 124, Luke 4:14-21A Source of Hope.  This Sunday, I would like us to focus on the very difficult issue of abuse. It is an issue which has existed, in its various forms, no doubt, since sin came into our world. It is an issue which harms so many people, and those close to them, deeply, scaring for life or even cutting life short. It is an issue which has horribly stained God’s church, giving those we want to reach with a message of hope and love, good reason for doubt and suspicion. The Bible is full of examples of abusive behaviours, and God’s stance against this evil is clear. How can we, God’s people, stand with God against this destructive force in our communities, our world, and be a source of hope, a sanctuary, for those who suffer because of it.  Rob.

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