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Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.


Luke 2:8-21, The first good news to the Shepherds

In today’s text, we can find that God decided to make a statement about who would receive the good news first. The angel of the Lord was sent to the shepherds. The good news first went to the Shepherds who were out in the fields rather than to the chief priests, teachers of the laws or Pharisees who were influential people in the society. The shepherds were chosen by God to be the first to receive the good news (vs 9-12).

What happened to the Shepherds? See verses 15 & 16; “the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.” So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger.”  They responded to the message with haste, and rushed to Bethlehem to find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. The shepherds found what they were looking for: Jesus. They met his mum and dad and looked at the baby Jesus—just as they had been told. What the shepherds experienced that first Christmas night was the good news of an arrival, the first advent that revealed a long-awaited Messiah had been born just over the hills in Bethlehem.

When the shepherds told these things to Mary and the others who they came into contact with, it put them in the position of being the first evangelists in the history of the world. They were ordinary people with an extraordinary message of good news. It is true that the reason how we could be here today is because of the shepherds who had started to share this good news with all they came in contact with. So… how would you respond to the good news of Jesus Christ? How would you react on what God wants you to do in terms of sharing the good news of the Christmas child? Would you do all actions like the Shepherds who shared it with people around them in this season of Christmas? IL-Woong.

The First Noel.

When Santa shared the gospel.

‘The Star’ Movie.  The Story of Jesus’ birth from an entirely new perspective.  In Sony Pictures Animation’s THE STAR, a small but brave donkey named Bo yearns for a life beyond his daily grind at the village mill. One day he finds the courage to break free, and finally goes on the adventure of his dreams. On his journey, he teams up with Ruth, a lovable sheep who has lost her flock and Dave, a dove with lofty aspirations. Along with three wisecracking camels and some eccentric stable animals, Bo and his new friends follow the Star and become unlikely heroes in the greatest story ever told – the first Christmas.    In Cinemas now.   Watch trailer.

Carols by Streetlight will be held on Tuesday 19th December.  We will meet at LPUC at 7pm and then walk around local streets, stopping at various points to sing a number of carols before moving on to the next location.  Here is an opportunity to express the joy of Christmas to our local community.  Please choose to be involved even if you don’t think that you sing very well.  You will provide much needed volume.

A practice session for the carol singing will be held a week earlier on Tuesday 12th December at 7pm at the church.  The tunes that we have chosen are mainly upbeat (Herb Alpert.  Herb who?), and it is important that you become familiar with them.

Printed copies of the carols and CDs of the music will be available in the foyer from this Sunday for you to take and practice.  The music and lyrics can also be accessed and downloaded from Dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y9xzl02ggurvhgp/AAD-sRpGy8IKMk4GylSkC9ADa?dl=0

For any inquiries please contact Lawrie on 0404 354 291  lawrie.bool@gmail.com

What Child is this: Shepherd.


Church Council Election Results 2017: The Church Council Election process for 2017 commenced on Sunday 1 October and concluded on Sunday 19 November. Following the counting of votes cast by the church members and members in association, Alan Findlay and I declare; Lance Bexon (2 years), Beryl Bool (2 years) Lawrie Bool (2 years) Alison Kell (1 year) and Jemma Smeets (2 years) to be duly elected to the Council. Their nominated terms listed above will commence on 1 January 2018.  Following the completion of the 2017 election procedure, one (1) position remains unfilled on the Council.  Keith McLeod,  Returning Officer.

Christafari –Musicianaries: The Lost, Last, Least.

Is homeless to big for Christians to tackle?

Free Christmas book for kids from the Bible Society. As part of its 200th anniversary celebrations, Bible Society is giving away over 70,000 children’s books telling the “really good news of Christmas”. Artist Emma Randall has woven the words of poet Dai Woolridge into colourful illustrations, aimed at children aged 5-7.

The Really Good News of Christmas is available for free to both individuals and churches. Individuals can register to receive up to three copies of the book for free.  Individuals can sign up for copies of the book here.

Messy Church Sunday 10th December 2017 – What’s It Really All About?

Books of the Week:

Mr Eternity – the Story of Arthur Stace by Roy Williams with Elizabeth Myers.  Almost every day for 35 years, Arthur Stace spent hours writing a single word – Eternity – on and around the streets of Sydney… Stace’s identity was a mystery for more than two decades.  Then, after his ‘unmasking’ in 1956, he became a reluctant folk hero.  By the time he died in 1967, his was a household name and the word Eternity was ingrained in the soul of Sydney…. In this long-awaited biography, the full story of Arthur Stace’s life is told for the first time in vivid and often surprising detail.

How Now Shall We Live?  By Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey.  This book is a radical challenge to the church to go beyond salvation – to understand biblical faith as an entire worldview, a perspective on all of life.  Only when we grasp this comprehensive vision can we enjoy the fullness of God’s grace in every area of life.  Only then can we escape from our spiritual ghettos and contend effectively for Christian truth in the world.  The authors show that the great spiritual battle today is a cosmic struggle between competing worldviews.

God with Us.

I don’t judge anyone (except Christians).