LPUC eNews – Sunday 23 July 2017

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Our Mission is to
Connect with people in Jesus;
Build each other up in faith; and to
Become Like Jesus.

1 Kings 17:8-16, Welcoming Church: Connecting and Community-building

Hospitality is about connecting people to the community of faith in a deep and meaningful way. And we know the power of small groups to welcome friends and strangers into places of acceptance, friendship, study, spiritual growth, and service to others.

In the 17th chapter of 1 Kings, we find that God made special arrangements for Elijah through the long months of the drought, and in today’s text, the prophet Elijah is sent by God from Israel to the city of Zarephath, a town in Sidon, and directed to a widow who would feed him (vs. 9). In fact, she is depressed, lonely, and desperate due to the lack of food in the time of drought. She was going to use just a handful of meal and a little oil for a final meal for her son and herself (vs. 12). However, Elijah instructs her to cook it up for him anyway, telling her that the provisions will not run out (vs. 13-14). When she does as Elijah asks, no matter how much meal and oil she uses over the remaining time of the drought, it never runs out (vs. 15-16).

What we learn from this story is that neither the widow nor Elijah would have a full experience of God’ goodness by themselves. A handful of grain and a little oil meet their needs only when they come together in a very small group, a prophet and a widow, an Israelite and a foreigner, Together, they form their own little “house of prayer for all people” (Isaiah 56:7), and together they discover the amazing power of the one Lord God. IL-WOONG.

Having ears to hear

Aussies are getting less religious.

Faithless Australians May Lose More Than Just God.

Our Church Life Survey from 2016 National Church Life SurveyPeople’s Gifts and Skills  Attenders most commonly identified their gifts or skills as – “Hospitality:  welcome, host, provide food” and “Interpersonal:  build relationships, care for people”

Decision time for Uniting Church in Australia.

Unleashed for the Gospel. God is calling courageous followers to be unleashed from the bondage of their past, from being brainwashed by culture, to lead the church with the boldness to serve the world. To be unleashed for the Gospel.

The church that was born again.

DVDs of the Week:

The Gospel of Mark.  The Lumo Project is a ground breaking series that revolutionises the way we encounter the story of Jesus and the world of first-century Palestine in which he lived.  Redefining the standard of visual biblical media, each Gospel film brings the actual Bible text to the screen, word for word.

The Solomon Bunch.  A group of five children in the small town of Brookville, Georgia form a special club with the goal of becoming as wise as King Solomon.  When a mysterious stranger shows up in town, they suddenly get a change to put their wisdom to the test.  It’s a bumpy ride filled with laughs, suspense and a whole lot of mistakes.  Through their misadventures, the friends ultimately discover many valuable life lessons, including the importance of always giving your best effort.  Based on Proverbs 18:13, the moral of this story is that a foolish person jumps to conclusions before getting all the facts – something King Solomon wisely warned about more than two thousand years ago.

Prepare your child to be hated.

Troubled times – is God giving Britain over?

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Lugarno II Playgroup, who meet in Truscott Hall, are holding a BBQ stall at Kirrawee Bunnings on Saturday 12th August.  Funds raised will help purchase new equipment, toys and other requirements.  They are asking for volunteers from the church family to assist for a two-hour time slot on this day.  Hours for the BBQ are from 7.30am to 5.15pm.  If you are able to help, please fill in the time slot suitable to you on the roster sheet on the stewards table in the foyer.  Thanks in advance, The Committee (Lauren, Merilee and Jo)

Cosmic Jellyfish: 2017 American Samoa.

How to announce a pregnancy.

Old men singing at Tm Horton’s.